3D doodles - A curated collection of 100 1/1 3D doodles

3D Doodles, yes. hmm. yes.

That’s all.


love your work @cfw

would love to support you in getting an official derivative project off the ground.

do you have a structure to support the doodle holders that you are hoping to create the 3d doodles for?

as well as - will any of the proceeds be contributed to the doodle bank?



Hey @tulip !

Here’s what I was thinking,

Option 01:
We auction off 100 tickets to doodle holders who wish to have their 3D doodles made.
50 percent of the proceeds can be contributed to
the doodle bank &/or donated to a charity of people’s choice.

Option 02:
We Curate the 100 doodles by handpicking the traits / most popular doodles that have already been generated & setup an auction for the pieces.
50 percent of the Proceeds will be contributed to the Doodle bank & or donated to a charity of people’s choice

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i like this. i like this a lot.

I like option 1 that @cfw shared because the most because i think people would prefer 3D doodles of their own Doodles vs pre-picked traits. Can see auction running up to fairly high ETH amounts and that can be used as a revenue source for the treasury.


All for this because it’s soooo good, 100000%, but really everyone should have a chance at getting something so amazing.

100 tickets of 10,000 would be snatched up by whales and very little community would come from something so rare. I’d vote to open this up 1 per wallet holder or something–let them get their one favorite.

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I totally get you,
but as an artist, here are a few of my concerns,

  1. it’s impossible for me to handcraft 10,000 doodles
  2. & a generative spinoff project is neither practical nor a cool move for the original project.
  3. Editions are the only way every holder can receive one, but then, it stops being special - to me, to the holder, it’s just another item that will get undercut and sold for probably lesser than gas fees.
  4. 100 because it’ll help me grow as an artist while ensuring quality and scarcity for the particular project.

Understood completely. However, there are roughly 4000 wallets. Then you can take whatever % of that you can complete.

But 100 is very small =( 1000 is at least 10% of the project.

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By the way, if your work wasn’t so damn great, I wouldn’t be complaining =P hehe

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ya I think in this instance it ultimately comes down to how much the artist can manage to produce.

3D renders are time consuming and if cfw says 100 that’s what it is, obviously would be great to have more and maybe another series could be done later on.

I wouldn’t want to not launch this project because of scarcity.

Also, if we continue to support this kind of super cool limited issue artist created deriv, then members will continue to have opportunities to hold one of them, might not be this one but it’s still a vibe.


I think option 1 is an awesome idea! 100 is definitely better than nothing lol. I’d be happy to see some lucky doodle holders be able to have one of these even if it’s only a few out of everyone. Especially when the quality is so high.

I was gonna say the same thing. I am thinking we could do a derivative series.

CFW is Doodlerivative V1.
XX is Doodlerivative V2.
So on and so forth. That way at some point everyone with a doodle will have their own 1/100 Doodlerivative and it doesn’t pigeon hole an artist into making 10k Doodlerivatives.

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Love the concept and your art cfw! Handcrafting 10k would be death and would definitely cheapen the product. Just wondering if auctioning them off is the best way of distributing them though? Would be keen for it to be some sort of a raffle or lottery system to keep it fair. Also understand that you need to make money but believe the royalties could be higher if the project was launched in a fairer manner since more the price wouldn’t be highly inflated from the get go.

Also would you consider working on this project with a couple of other 3D artists and maybe you guys could push for 1,000 Doodles?


Fair points Chief! Definitely worth considering!

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oh yes, 100 x 10 artists, variety of styles


This is a great idea!
Personally I’m for option 01 outlined above.

While the Doodler in me would love a raffle (:innocent:), I think it makes sense to auction to both reward the artist as well as contribute to Doodlebank.

If we can limit to 1 bid per wallet, we can try to get as many folks from the community to join in the auction.

I’m for the first one as well.

Sweet! Can’t wait to hear Tulips thoughts on these after NFT.NYC

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i love ur work, would be looking forward to it

I love your art style, and would be super sad if I didn’t get my own derivative. That being said, I do understand the technical limitations of producing 10k unique renders. I would vote yes for option 1. with proceedes going to the DoodleBank treasury.

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Also petition to make it named Doodlerivative!!!

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