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I wanted to start feeling out a project my colleagues and I have been working on, and how it may be related to the Doodles.

Ultimately this will become a decentralized asset builder for the metaverse and related content. The idea being once a project engages with us it will be able to vote in the direction its metaverse is developed in.

We have a background in film/commercial 3D and design world. Working in studio environments for more than a decade each. We are hoping to build what will become a fully working decentralized 3d/2d design studio. This is the grand plan…

As doodles fans we began to test things out and wanted to share some sample renders and the idea to see what the doodle community thought

– Here’s the breakdown of our full plan and how the doodles alpha project will fit into it—

d1mension studios is what we are leaning on calling the DAO. It will manage all the projects within

Each project will be commissioned by another collection that would like to ensure a level of quality and consistency in their journey to the metaverse. Once we are commissioned they will be assigned a project manager and a team of artists who will be voted on through the d1mension DAO. At the start this is basically myself and some professional/reliable artists I have worked with for many years. But as the DAO grows we would like for these roles to become organically filled by anyone around the world who wants to contribute. This is a complex idea to figure out correctly but I can foresee a system of participation by the holders of the DAO nft that will ensure a level of quality is met.

I wont go to far into this here because its a little complex and will need to be worked out as people begin to contribute. But it is basically dismantling the entire studio pipeline, decentralizing all of its roles, then rebuilding a studio from the ground up using similar roles played by decentralized contributors.

I digress from this subject and focus on what this would mean for doodles.

As d1mension would like for Doodles to be its alpha project. Anyone holding a doodle and its corresponding 3d doodle will receive whitelist for the d1mension DAO NFT. These will eventually have a profit sharing allocation and contribute to the voting involving the studio itself. In my opinion these could be quite profitable if the metaverse becomes ubiquitous and the need for content within it explodes.

All doodles will also get a render of its 3d character in portrait form. Similar to the ones attached.

Ideally if we are approved to carry the doodles light into the 3d world we would be happy to have calls with poopie to go over art direction.

It would basically be a full studio experience with doodles being the client and an expected number of revisions before final delivery. Otherwise we can take art direction into our own hands and remain as faithful to the doodles as possible.

After this the holders of these 3d doodles will be able to vote in their own DAO the direction the doodles explore in the metaverse

As projects like the sandbox, decentraland, neos, etc begin to build the potential infrastructures of the metaverse, the holders of the 3d doodles will be able to decide the ones in which doodles will be optimized for. Different game engines will require different setups for the characters to function at their most beautiful. They will also each have differing limitations(texture map size, polygon count, etc). As trading fees build on the nft it will go into a vault that is used to continue the development in perpetuity. Meaning a guarantee of the doodles high quality presence in upcoming metaverses that may not have even been conceived yet.

We are still working out a lot of things on our end with the larger project. But for now wanted to share some test renders and float the idea to the fellow doodle holders to get a feel for interest in doodles being our first project

Let us know what you think and if doodles would be a good fit for our alpha project.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think if you get a minute.

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