A social good proposal to help special needs children with single mothers in Ghana, West Africa

TLDR; In some parts of Ghana, West Africa where I’m from, mothers sometimes have no option but to kill their children when they find out that they have a disability i.e autism or down syndrome.
The level of financial hardship coupled with the heartbreak of the dad leaving because of the kids abilities becomes unbearable.
The kids face social rejection in regular schools as the parents can’t afford to take their children to regular schools.
The mothers can’t even sell in the market because no one will patronize their goods, with the stigma in these parts that their kids are a curse from the gods, further worsening their hardship.
The single mothers are left to face all these dire straits because of the stigma surrounding their kids that they are a curse from the gods.

This proposal aims to use doodles as a social good vehicle in helping such mothers and their kids, providing education to the kids and the community concerning the stigma, social inclusion, financial empowerment to the families, and organizing doodle themed medical outreach events throughout the year to reach over 500 kids.

I don’t know if this will pass as a doodlebank proposal, but its a cause that I am passionate about and hence I’m willing to try.

I have not provided specifics on the usage of funds intentionally. I want to use this post to gauge if this is something db and the doodle community at large will vouch for. All the links don’t fit here so I will share a googledocs link with all the details.


A proposal like this could also fall under the ‘local events’ type grant that has been discussed.

Some funds for branding, marketing & execution for example.

A little can go a long way. Quorum will be an issue in any raise - which isn’t a bad thing. Just know that the lower asks are way easier - and if this type of grant works for both parties - there is no limit for future proposals and asks.

I don’t think anyone will question the motivations behind this proposal at all. Just be super detailed and clear with costs and allocations.

If you can nail the Doodles outreach angle - this would cover off the mutual benefit for DB.


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Conceptually I’m not against a portion of the DB going to social good causes etc. However you need to provide some financial clarity. Very vague and not sure how one does all that with 36k. I’d suggest line iteming your projected expenses on the forum. Great work.

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Thanks for the proposal and the good deeds of doing social responsibility, Kofi.

Couple things I note:

  1. There are 8 activities in the proposal, which is a lot. Which one is the priority? And a timeline is important to make sure those things are executed.

  2. How many targeted people on each activities? Like how many mother / kids / soccer team / incubator program?

  3. Breakdown on funds.

  4. I’m not really a fan of the last statement you mentioned in the proposal tbh :pray: It is like shooting gums to a wall and see which one is stick and which one is not. Your intention and deed are good and social responsibility is always a good thing in a community. Gotta make the proposal more proper with breakdown in details before submitting it to the public :thinking:

Overall, more detailed info in the proposal i.e., activities priority, target people, breakdown on funds and timeline would be great. Goodluck Kopi!

Great job. Very commendable on what you’re planning to do Kofi. I really like the health outreach program aspect of the proposal. However, I’m with Goku and Nes on this one. I’d like to see a more detailed breakdown on how the funds will be distributed and managed. It’s a big ask for an even bigger task.

If the breakdown for those tasks are too big a task, then I suggest providing a leaner proposal, where you do have the pertinent details needed, for the community to make an informed decision. Or maybe provide separate proposals for the major targets: Health Outreach, Educational Campaign, Scholarships and Entrepreneurship Incubator.

TLDR: I love your kind heart but I’d appreciate a breakdown of funds