Add Discord alerts for new Snapshot proposals

Proposals submitted by members to the Doodle DAO have gone unnoticed by the majority of the community. This is because only a select few have the ability to notify the community via Discord.

To ensure fair marketing of proposals we need an automated process to alert the community when there is a new proposal added to Snapshot.

I originally submitted this proposal on Snapshot and despite it’s >96% approval rating, only 115 of 5270 holders voted.

Option 1
If this proposal is accepted, an administrator of the Doodles Discord will add the Snapshot Discord Bot (Bots - Snapshot) and configure it to post announcements in the Discord to increase visibility.

Option 2
MilkyTaste (MilkyTaste) will create a custom bot to include rules such as:

  1. Proposals will only be posted to Discord once they surpass X votes
  2. Alerts will be posted multiple times (at start, before ending)
  3. Twitter notification
  4. Other options discussed in the comments

This will come at the low low cost of 1 ETH, including development, hosting, support and enhancements.

Option 3
Do nothing. The current process is fine.

Please comment below if you have any suggestion. MilkyTaste#8662 's DMs are open.

Original snaphost proposal: Snapshot

Thanks for creating the thread Milky.

Adding @Mushy for discussion.

My thoughts on #2

  1. Create a role to be tagged for any snapshot activity
  2. Enjoy the alerting although we should have an all tag once it reaches a certain threshold
  3. Ensure bot doesnt have overreaching security privileges

Happy to accommodate all these points if we go ahead with a custom bot.
Can work with the team to find a threshold that’s high enough to prevent spam but low enough to give eyes to the little guys. We can amend it on the fly if it needs adjusting.

In favor of this, important to get more people voting and creating discussion. Thanks for raising it.

I have my concerns that it will not make any difference as I feel the issue is not that the proposals are going unnoticed in the discord due to lack of announcements but rather that there is apathy or disinterest in voting.

I was part of the DoodleGive Snapshot proposal and during the 48 hour snapshot period, I made 26 personal alert posts in various channels in the discord asking people to vote - that’s more than 1 every 2 hours. This is an aside to posts by Explorer, the other Doodle on the proposal, as well as numerous announcements by Mushy, Mangopear, Ayhth and others. We only managed to get 841 votes.

Maybe people don’t care about charitable donations and so just ignored the posts that I made but I feel that at the core of it, although people always talk about how much they think the Doodlebank is such an awesome thing, the vast majority of holders don’t care or simply just won’t vote.

Further evidence to this is the Miami refund vote. I’ve done a quick analysis:

  • There were 1680 DOODLES “votes” (16.8%) but actually only 498 holders voted. That is less than 9.5% of all holders.
  • Of these 1680 votes, 395 belonged to the core team, meaning that if they had not voted, the total votes would have been 1285, a full 215 votes short of quorum.

This is for a proposal that spent more than 12.5% of the Doodlebank.

Another option is that not enough holders are visiting the discord and so having bots to announce the proposals won’t help either. Maybe we need to be tweeting proposals to try get more reach? I’m really not sure what the answer is but I fear that adding bots won’t be the solution.

Just some food for thought…