Addition to the Space Dood ecosystem


I’m Simon, a fellow (as of right now ex) Doodler who was lucky enough to ride the wave of the Doodle’s explosive growth in the past few months. Given my time in the NFT space (1 year + now) and observing as well as being inspired by so many great builders and innovators, I am currently creating my own project with my team. My game is based on the actual real life mechanism of fertilization, and is called The Sperm Game. I will skip the details and into the main point of this proposal - there will come a time when my game comes to an end and transitions into phase 2, where the winning sperm and eggs from the game fertilize and become a whole new generation. THIS is where the proposal comes in - I think it would be an awesome addition to the Space Dood lore and ecosystem if my resulting “generation” are the outer-space, cute little pet creatures Doods find in the planets that they visit or find along the journey in space. My vision is somewhat similar to the effect of CryptoRayRay’s companion-type of feel. With my very able team (two big tech devs, a team of talented artists and visionaries, and experienced Crypto/Nft-ers) who work efficiently and hard, I think this would develop into a great chapter in the Doodle story. I am 100% serious about this and have a great drive to push this space into new depths, and am on the same page as the team’s priority of user/holder experience. Thanks for listening and really hope to hear opinions and thoughts!


little doodle sperms just boolin out in doodle space

fuck it you have my vote

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It’s hard to clearly explain what I’m trying to propose without leaking the art and plans I have for the game down the line, but thanks for the support OG