Adjusting Prelim. Quorum and Snapshot Voting Duration

As the Doodlebank grows, we will grow and adapt with it. So far, we have seen growing pains revolving around awareness of the process and voting.

To help remedy these issues we propose the following:

  • Reduce quorum for preliminary votes. (15% to 10%)
  • Increase the duration a snapshot vote is live for. (2 days to 3 days)

Preliminary Quorum
The quorum for preliminary votes is currently 15%. Although a preliminary vote should only be seen as a sign that the community is interested in the proposal and nothing final has been approved, many proposals have regularly struggled to reach this 15%. By reducing the 15% to 10%, more attention will be brought to preliminary proposals, bringing along more constructive criticism and opportunity for refinement. If these preliminary ideas were to struggle through regular discourse and are unable to garner support and confidence, they won’t reach a final vote. Final vote quorum remains unchanged.

Voting Duration
Snapshot voting is currently defaulted to 2 days. While increasing this amount itself will not guarantee involvement, an increase to 3 days will allow more time and will better encompass a full weekend for all time zones (to play well with Snapshot Saturdays).

Moving Forward

  • Guidelines to propose internal systematic changes such as this will be developed.
  • Snapshot Saturdays - an initiative to time upcoming proposals on Saturday, will be in play. We expect proposal writers to be in contact with myself to best organize throughout the course of regular preparations.
  • Other running thoughts to improve participation include better displays of information and possible incentives such as POAPs.

Timeline: Ongoing until further changes.

Cost: 0 Eth

Accountability: As the Project Manager (Community), it is my role to better our current system around the Doodlebank and adjust to what the team and I believe is necessary. Although minor, this change will allow more thinkers, creators, artists, developers, etc. to be more involved in the project and take part with their own ideas or their own votes. Final proposals still require approval from the team to prevent any abuse of the system.


I like the proposal but I still think that the snapshot should run over the course of a week, 5 days at the very minimum. In my opinion, there is no material difference to someone making a proposal between waiting 3 days or a week to get the result and it will allow for maximum participation as it will run over a week and weekend.


The main issue with allowing a very long period is that many doodles move hands during these times. For example, during our first pump with dozens of sales per hour, not as many people were able to vote due to the snapshot having already taken place to give voter eligibility. Keeping something like a week long or 5 days would run into more issues involving newcomers than vote participation imo, mostly combined with prelim quorum changes.

Let’s try this and iterate again if needed until we find the right parameters for voting.

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I’m aligned with these updates as I agree it would improve the current voting system. I’d also like to suggest a continued effort to find ways to integrate the voting process into the discord channels. Love the idea of Saturday proposals so there can be a moment in the cord each week around that. Is it possible to bring the voting experience into the channels even more?

Additionally, I know there has been somewhat of an incentive system put in place, but I’d love to see us flip that to become doodle focused. Active voters could accumulate points to eventually spend on doodle merch, event benefits, etc. There is no doubt this would get people on the proposals much more consistently. The cost from the doodle bank to do this would be minimal.

I firmly believe that the community votes are a key factor in our success moving forward, everyone should be heard. Since we are all doodle lovers, there is no better way to grow that engagement than to draw benefits from the brand itself.

You’d have my vote on this as it stands.

Sounds like a step in the right direction. I think both will improve participation and encourage more activity. Weekly town halls to discuss paired with Snapshot Saturdays will be great for building momentum on proposals.

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Would love to hear more about this “bring voting experience into the channels.”
There are definitely some things I’m looking out for but am open to ideas!

Incentive focused ideas will definitely be something to consider as we go along, but good ideas to keep in mind.

Woooo Snapshot Saturdays!! I apparently can’t post the gif Miki made here because the file is too big but I wanted to give another shoutout for making that to support the Snapshot Saturdays visibility cause, helping to make that a thing. Can we make it a bot command so we can use it to pump people up on Saturdays? :heart:

Also, I think everything summarized here sounds great. Extending voting duration to 3 days will hopefully help any proposals that need time for a little extra push to get the vote out, and hopefully having votes on a regular schedule will help as well.

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Can this retro to past proposals if moved forward? I know there were a few that were very close to meeting that last quorum and had community support that didn’t reach the 15%. (Spookles is a good example here)


  1. Free and immediately executable
  2. Longer voting period
  3. Smaller quorum
  4. Snapshot Saturdays! !saturday command. Creating a culture and cadence around voting and participation.


  1. Integration of POAP module for Snapshot so that claiming it is super simple, should proposals choose to create a POAP. Good to explore this option so that more experiments can be run.

  2. Give mushy access. Snapshot proposal posters must be WL by @Mushy for Right now it seems like anyone can post, creating noise. The benefit of seeking approval before a snapshot post is that: Snapshot Saturdays can be enforced, !votes and #hot proposals #vote can all be updated.

  3. #voting ama discord channel activated when there’s a live vote. At other times, the chat here is deactivated. This is for voters, proposers to have a discussion based on snapshot proposals. Takes the detailed discussions away from general, doodler hall and think tank and puts it in an arena that the proposers can have better, robust conversations.

  4. Allow certain trusted roles such as founders, moderators, champions to be ‘listed’ in discord for delegation on snapshot (if this seems self-serving, so you can exclude me). !delegate command lists the ENS names of delegatees + link to Snapshot We probably won’t be actively encouraging delegation in favor of broader participation, so it’s more of a ‘hidden function.’

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Let me play devil’s advocate, is that a real issue?

Perhaps new buyers receive the guideline that they should vote on proposals that have been issued after they acquired their doodle (not during). I am also in favour of extending the vote to a full week. Many people have constraints that prevent them to get involved within a span of 3 days.

I saw it as a real issue during the prior pump when old sellers had left and new buyers could not vote on ongoing proposals at the time.
During calm times, it’s not much of an issue; less proposals and less hands being shifted. I don’t think as many days will be necessary moving forward with 10% preliminary quorum.

I’m more on the side of: if these proposals aren’t reaching their desired point, there likely has not been a lot of genuine discourse or interest built up yet. This garnering of support should be done prior to posting for a vote, not during this timespan.
While it may become more beneficial later to have an even longer voting period, it’s not something I am proposing or supportive of myself at this time.

I have no intentions of having this retroactive to past proposals or current/ongoing proposals, would cause awkward precedence as we move forward with more governance changes in the future.

Though, even if this were retroactively applied to Spookles, they still would not have made it past preliminary quorum. They received 961 total votes.

IMO the fact of voting on current proposals doesn’t cross the mind of many new buyers, I would argue that it takes a few weeks to educate them about the fact of voting. To me the trade-off of having more time to vote on important issues, and not blitz through them, outweighs newcomers being able to vote on current proposals.

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I think I can comfortably agree with all of this, though would still rather have 3-days first as a quick remedy before moving into something as drastic as 2-days to 7-days. Definitely something we should keep in discussion as we make more governance changes to better out system :ok_hand: