All me to serve you all as Doodle Watch

Dear Fellow Doodles,

I am excited to apply for the position of Doodle Watch. As a senior manager at a web2 company, an active member of my estate community, and a past university-level student council member, I believe my experiences have equipped me with the skills and qualities necessary to excel in this role.

What drew me to Doodles is its potential to revolutionize the NFT space. My interest in Doodles began when I first discovered Burnt Toast’s art, and it has only grown as I’ve learned more about the company and its vision. I am impressed by the Julian’s vision and leadership and believe that I can make a significant contribution to the team that is shaping the future of Doodles.

My experience in senior management has taught me to be a strategic thinker, a problem solver, and a team player. As an active member of my estate community, I have developed strong communication and collaboration skills. And my experience in student councils has honed my leadership and organizational abilities.

I am excited to bring my diverse skill set and passion for Doodles to the table. I am confident that my experience and vision align with the goals of Doodles, and I would be honored to join the team that is shaping the future of the NFT space.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to serving you all soon.

Doodles #2334

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