(Attempt 3) Cost $0.00 - Make Doodles Multi-meta linked wearable NFTs (OtherSide, Sandbox, Decentraland)) across all Metaverses


Cost: $0 just need written permission to be able to do this since will be pitching for them to fund it and they said may be more willing to do it if we get written permission. (Sandbox, Otherside and Decentraland DAO)

Full Portfolio www.aaronleupp.com/3D

Make Doodles NFTs linked Wearable playable skins across all Metaverses (Sandbox, Decentraland, OthersideMeta) and more which will make it the first multiple Metaverse platform linked wearable NFT collection in the space. Can also be called “multi-meta linked NFTs” for short.

Make Doodles NFTs linked Wearables across all Metaverses (Sandbox, Decentrand, OthersideMeta) and more which will make Doodles the first multi-meta linked wearable NFTs. Have AaronLeupp.eth and his team create a full body 3D master molds of all 10,000 Doodle NFT’s that can be given to each holder for their personal use as well as modified version to be playable and used in OthersideMeta as well as alternative modified versions to fit within the Decentraland and Sandbox guidelines so that they also can be utilized within all three Metaverses.

Not only will this bring more massive utility to all Doodle NFTs by making them the first multi-metaverse linked wearable NFTs making them playable and useable across all three of the top metaverses, and also the raw file so they can use on their own personal projects and ventures. This will also set the correct course example on the destiny of what NFTs could have meant to go towards all along. Almost all of us know by now that one of the founders of Ethereum got motivated by the creation of it based on his negative experience in the unapproved modification of a World of Warcraft in game item can be seen here: www.polygon. com/22709126/ethereum-creator-world-of-warcraft-nerf-nft-vitalik-buterin

Whats in it for DoodleBank and all holders?
This will give the NFT owner not only defense against modification against their Doodle IP in game but also true ownership that can be utilized in hopefully down the road in all platforms, games, and Metaverses that continue to spawn years to come. It will also be great defense against fraudulent items and wearables in other Metavereses because they will be linked to the Doodle NFT only, and all can be transferred to a new owner if they wish to sell the Doodle NFT at any time.

Why are we the team to do it?
Aside from my team and I creating all the full body 3D molds and rigs for each of the 10,000 unique Doodle NFTs I will be personally working through the logistics and campaigning to get all VP votes needed in the Decentraland DAO, YugaLabs for OtherSide, and the Sandbox team to join us in this pioneering venture to complete our mission. As can see already I have experience in this space by getting my teams latest $60,000 grant passed with over 2,000,000 VP and 135+ yes votes from the Decentraland community!
www.governance.decentraland. org/proposal/?id=7431b280-c69a-11ec-90c9-11bf3c6f4ca1)

With our teams, previous experience with our Disney Quality 3D Princess Feature film we have learned a lot. Not only about all the different creation process’s and programs like blender and Unreal engine we have also took on and achieved the advance hair and fur movement features that most 3D models do not have because they are very advance and time consuming to create. We also innovated the space by utilizing techniques Disney has not even used before in any of their 3D Princess movies such as tears, dirt and mud reacting and rubbing off on the skin when they get up. All this can be viewed in our latest teaser trailer video here:

Open to all debates and questions.

Can see our old proposal from 7 months ago too for more details here: Make Doodles Multi-meta linked wearable NFTs (OtherSide, Sandbox, Decentraland)) across all Metaverses

Thanks again!

-Aaron Leupp

So you have spoken to these groups and they have agreed to pay for your services?

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Thanks bro for your comment. Yes even one of the Committee publicly said they would like to see written permission before me asking again. Worst case as well I get written permission and these metaverses change there mind and it goes nowhere after that but to me worth the try def since it will not cost the Doodle team or the bank anything just my time.