Badass Water Company + Doodles Proposal!

Hello Doodles Fam!

My name is Marc (affectionately known as Noob Cannon). We’re building a new brand of natural high alkaline water. The recyclability of every can of Badass Water is trackable. Additionally, we donate 5 liters of water for every can sold which will be transparent to individual customers in their purchase history. The entire sustainability supply chain of Badass Water is transparent through blockchain technology.

What does the partnership between Badass Water, Inc. and Doodles look like?

We are looking to bring Doodles to life by printing the Doodles PFPs in the highest quality possible on our sustainable sourced cans and filling them with the best water in the world. The aim for partnership is to extend the digital and physical IP of the project. With 20% share of profits from these cans going back to the Doodles to be dispersed to holders, Doodles are gaining a utility unlike anything that has been done in this space!

What are we looking to build with Doodles?

A total 10,000 NFT cans depicting a collective of partnered NFT projects, living on the blockchain, enjoying each others company will be minted at 0.05ETH each! The aim for launching our NFT collection is brand awareness and project development. The funds raised will be used to execute our company’s mission, future NFT drops through our CreatorProgram, and incorporate our $BADASS token which is scheduled to IDO in Q1 2022 (Polygon partnership already solidified and currently meeting with launchpads).

The Badass Membership Program

We’ve designed a subscription program where customers get product-discounts for ordering at certain frequency and quantities for an extended time-period. Holders of our NFT are known as a Total Badass, getting 50% product discounts. There are additional tiers offering Super Badass (30%) and Big Badass (20%) discounts respectively.

Additional Utility? (but wait… there’s more!)

Once our $BADASS token is in circulation we will be airdropping it to our NFT holders as well as using it as an incentive for recycling the cans. Since each can is NFC tracked, we will be able to track the can from production line to recycling.

How much ETH is needed to launch this partnership?


BadassNFT Royalties?

BadassNFT royalties are broken into two categories which define the brand.

  1. Water Charity (2.5% secondary sales royalty)
  2. CreatorProgram (5% secondary sales royalty)


Water donations are not only built directly into the CPG side of Badass Water Company but also into the NFTs!


In our CreatorProgram we partner with additional artists and NFT projects to work on more amazing collections while promoting new/existing talent! If the Water Charity portion is the heart, our CreatorProgram is the soul of BadassNFT.

Who are we?

We’re a team of Badass professionals! Please check the PDF for details!

Badass Water - Doodles Proposal


Thank you for the submission.

I’ll be candid and hopefully not blunt.

Your proposal doesn’t seem well aligned with what we are trying to do.

  • Badass Water hasn’t launched yet. The product seems to be based upon blockchain without a strong reason to use blockchain. To me, it is unclear what problem you are solving in drinking water with blockchain.
  • Your NFT program is structured to raise seed capital for your business.
  • Incorporating Doodles will give your brand credibility, and could also expose the Doodles brand to risk.
  • BadAss quite simply has no track record, weak brand resonance with Doodles and the incentives are not well-aligned with our goals.

I prefer working with companies with clear product promises.

There’s a lot of unproven hyperbole here, and if you can provide better articulated reasons for partnership, it will be easier for us to have a productive discussion.

Thank you.


Hi there, Yel0bear!

Thank you for opening up the floor for conversation! Let me introduce ourselves a bit more!

Badass Water, Inc. Summary

Badass Water, INC is launching the Web3.0 of a brand on a mission to revolutionize how water is sold and consumed. Every can of Badass Water is NFC/RFID tracked from the production line to recycling. Additionally, we donate 5 liters of water for every can that’s sold to partnered and vetted water charities. By keeping this process on chain we’re able to be 100% transparent with our funding, sales, and donations while letting our customers trace their recyclability through their purchase/order history. The entire sustainability supply chain is also transparent through point-to-point smart contract initialization. In the future we will also onboard the water sources and other brands onto our end-to-end supply chain, having complete vertical integration transparency and traceability.

A brief history and some fun-facts!

  1. We first started operations in Nov’2020 and have been shipping orders in the US since Apr’2021.
  2. Our entire supply chain & logistics including water sources, fulfillment & distribution across North America, Western Europe and India have been established!
  3. With 35% repeat customers and zero spent on marketing, we’ve already sold out of our initial inventory! Our customers love our water and our brand!
  4. As official water partners with TED this year you will get to see media posts from TED Women’s 2021 conference which will be posted during the conference - Dec 1st.
  5. After researching the most efficient methods to process the massive amount of smart contracts we are looking to initiate, we officially partnered with Polygon and their developer program for developing our end-to-end supply chain tracking on blockchain (this was recently announced). Our $BADASS IDO will also be powered by Polygon and is set to launch 2022!

Page 2 of our proposal goes into more details about the team, mission and operations!

Link -

We’ve brought together a team of credible and ambitious people from our founder to our team of experts to our advisors on a single mission - "Revolutionize how water is sourced and how it is consumed”.

Our initial NFT collection is just a part of our fundraising for a larger order (offering us a discount in material cost)! One of the more important reasons our brand is building an NFT set is to help us build a community and an engaged customer whom we can offer benefits and rewards for joining us early on!

We acknowledge there are brand risks when partnering up with anyone! By delivering complete transparency in Badass Water, INC’s operations and strictly onboarding NFT partners who garner the utmost respect from the NFT community, we aim to ensure that those involved are always represented in the best possible light! As we work through the mechanics of our partnerships we can begin to announce all the confirmations as well as bring the heads together to discuss the process moving forward.

We love Doodles artwork and the community! Our aim with this partnership is to bring Doodles to life by building a bridge from digital to physical experience while establishing a long term relationship so that we both can grow our brands and our communities together.

We hope this helps answer some of your concerns and we’re happy to answer any other questions you/community may have!

<3 Noob