Bored Doodlez - A Derivative

This doodle derivative is inspired from BAYC and Doodles. I myself own doodle #8275. I truly aspire to build a community like doodles, where everyone has a voice in the community. So, as for the future, the people, like doodles change the path of the project. But for now, here are some possible future implementations.


  • Access to exclusive meet-ups, and irl place. (Certain spots across the US for easier access, like an airdrop is given if you attend)
  • Treasury where 75% of royalties are stored for any occasions.
  • Exclusive merch given to members
  • ETC, activity with community related

I truly want to create a nice community who help each other grow like doodles. So, even with the potential benefits listed, I feel that it is right to listen to what the people want first instead of just creating my own roadmap.

Thank you for reading this. I am open to any suggestions and ideas as community is what makes a project good.

I have already started the community via Discord and Twitter Here:

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Hi friend.

This is a very sensitive subject. There isn’t enough information here to really respond.

  • What are you doing something that is unique to BAYC and Doodles?
  • Would you continue doing this project without either BAYC or Doodle support?

There is a lot of cynicism towards these deriv projects right now. Providing additional information can only help the community understand what opportunity you are offering here.

(And I realize that i’m a bit of a hypocrite with my own deriv as my pfp!)

What are you doing something that is unique to BAYC and Doodles?
I am trying to treat both of these communities, not only to a Whitelist but to other opportunities exclusive to them in the project like airdrops, giveaways, memberships, etc in the future. For now, I am just trying to build a community and including both of the Doodles and BAYC communities with me. For example, a perfect community is doodles, based around the love of the art. That is what I want to achieve as well.

Would you continue doing this project without either BAYC or Doodle support?
Currently, I am reaching out to both. This proposal is the first action for Doodles Support, and I hope to further progress from here and gain more support. Same for BAYC, I am reaching out to them. Now, If both or one of them did not support it, I feel it is not respectful to use their art, inspired or not. For example, if BAYC respectfully declined support, I would change the art of the Ape to not resemble BAYC and still continue the project. I still think a community can be built even if changes come along the way.

So the “unique” act that you are looking to do is to blend two communities and art styles together.


Yes. Nothing out of this world but I believe NFTs/Art is community based. So, I want to bring those 2 projects together as well as other people, creating a whole new community.

I also do offer Whitelist for any holders of doodles, BAYC, and MAYC. I plan to cap whitelist at a certain amount, maybe around 1500, but will gladly increase and exceed that, just for holders.

This really aint it chief

I understand your concern. Could you elaborate on what you don’t like? I would like to hear all suggestions and work around those. Thanks.

unfortunately this would be impossible to run through doodlebank as it’s equally inspired by an awesome project in its own right, BAYC. it would require founder support and we don’t have the bandwidth to navigate this


So would the best approach for me to do is to contact BAYC? I am currently doing that right now. I see I have chosen a big task but I’m willing to work hard for it. Would the founder support have to be through you guys or I just need his approval first? Thank you for the insight poopie.

The bandwidth is too big of a struggle due to the BAYC inspiration correct? So is there a way for me to keep that BAYC inspiration or will I be forced to remove that, change the art of the ape away from BAYC, and then continue again to gain approval from doodles? Sorry for all the questions, just very concerned.

I would see if you can get a pulse check there but be very clear that you don’t have our approval. Circle back here with findings, review the following guidelines, and restructure this proposal to conform. Then we’ll give it a thorough review


Understandable, will do. Is there a way to pause this discussion or close it? Don’t want to further progress a discussion without its prerequisites.

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Ping me on discord when you want to reopen!

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