Bring the Doodles into AR

Morning Doods,

I’m the founder of The Mantle Collection - an AR filmmaking app for NFTs.

The app is sort of like After Effects, but in Augmented Reality. It lets you animate and add effects to most 2d, 3d and video NFTs.

Here’s a video I made with my Doodle in San Fransisco:


Here’ a compilation of some other videos made using the app. And this is a quick tutorial.

Currently in order to bring your NFTs into the app you need to own a Mantle which can be minted for 0.05 ETH.


We’d like to propose featuring the entire Doodle collection in it’s own sub-menu in the app. Enabling anyone to make AR videos with any Doodle for free. These videos would be automatically watermarked with the owner of the Doodle.

The integration would open up loads of new content creation opportunities for the collection. It would also bring a novel means of experiencing their Doodle to every owner.


We estimate there is about a weeks worth of integration work for one of our designers and one of our developers.

Specifically we will need to create a feature for search, new UX for a sub menu and optimise scrolling to support 10k items.

Currently the app only works on iOS but we have Android support coming at the end of March.


4 ETH for the integration work . This is at cost for us as our motivation here is to get more people making movies with their NFTs.

Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and questions