Build a Utility to Generate Automated 'On-Timeline' (Twitter) Human-Readable Events (Tweets)

Build a utility that generates automated ‘on-timeline’ (Twitter) human-readable events (Tweets) to incrementally improve communication and engagement with and within the community.

Overview and Objective
Consistent community communication and engagement is paramount to the success of Doodles. The objective of this proposal is to incrementally improve communication and community engagement.

There is an immediate opportunity to create an automated utility that detects both on-chain and off-chain events, and posts them ‘on-timeline’ (Twitter) as human-readable events (Tweets). Think y00tlist style with a mix of text, graphics (stylized for Doodles) and links.

Some examples (not exhaustive) include:


  • Doodle space launches (launch and land)
  • Notable sales ( % above floor, by high-profile person, etc.)
  • Notable metadata updates
  • 24 hour to 7 day sales summary
  • Doodlebank fund utilization


  • Notable Doodlebank events (new, promoted to final discussion)
  • Notable Snapshot events (new, voting, finalized, reminders)
  • New hires (this would be semi-automated, but utilize consistent format)
  • Number of new Twitter accounts with Doodle PFPs
  • Doodle PFP Twitter spaces

These Tweets would be generated by a separate (official) automated communication Twitter account.


  • Desire from community for increased communication and engagement
  • Engagement success of the on-timeline communication style of the y00tlist

High-Stacks (<10 ETH) to Low-Racks (10-25 ETH); current Doodlebank balance is 2,940 ETH
Highly dependent on the finalized scope/product monetization aspirations

This proposal would require funding for:

  • Product Owner (vision, direction, execution)
  • Engineer (engineer the utility; API, Twitter, Solidity, Ethereum, AWS experience)
  • Artist (graphics for the human-readable events; experience with Doodle aesthetic)
  • Operator (run the Twitter account; should be minimal intervention)

Minimum viable product (one on-chain and one of-chain event) within 45 days of proposal approval, funding made available and talent secured.

Future Considerations
If we productize this, there is an opportunity to monetize this utility. Other projects would like to achieve the same objectives as us.

Thanks for your support and feedback.
Tom (@notfuntom, tom3.eth)


I like and support the idea. I’d consider a leaner version one that can later be supported with additional funding. Specifically, a text-only first version removes the need for an artist and/or art approvals

I’d also reconsider any costs related to an operator as this tool would likely be semi-automated with whomever running the Doodles account managing the output of this utility

The leaner it is, the more likely it is to pass so that’d be the bulk of my recommendation

But by and large, this is a positive thing and I support it


Thanks so much for the feedback and support!

The only pushback I’d have is around de-prioritizing the art in MVP right away. I think it should be strongly considered for the MVP for the following reasons:

  • Images in Tweets drive higher engagement
  • One of the primary reasons many members of the community is here is for the art, so we can give them more of it
  • The Doodles community is made up of many strong/talented artists with experience with the Doodles aesthetic and we have the opportunity to feature one (or a few; ex. one for on-chain and one for off-chain)
  • We may even be able to mint/sell the dynamically created art for profit back to the Doodlebank

If we need to make the MVP more lean from a financial perspective, we should look at other opportunities before we de-prioritize the art.

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