Build Website V2.0

I would like to build upon the proposition of NullAddress — Doodles have a special appeal to newcomers and novices in the NFT space.

Soon, Coinbase will launch its NFT marketplace with 2 million people that correspond to this persona. Our branding and messaging should target this core audience.

I would recommend to invest some resources to rebrand the website in a way that converts newcomers, making it educative about NFTs and accessible about collection. The goal being to the website that stands out the most out of current tier-one NFT projects.

I have not thought through budget or any other consideration.


I agree with this. Maybe similar to this: Cash App - Bitcoin


I agree that the webpage is now outdated (no need for the mint tab) and could include a number of great resources, entertainment, as well as adding more visibility to the entire collection. Thanks for this proposal, I would love to begin to talk more in detail about what these updates would entail.

I run a web development agency. If any help is needed with the development of the site I would be happy to contribute.

Good point. The website could definetly be updated!

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I believe website re-design is currently in the works.

Including an element of NFT education is a good idea @Purple_Police

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My guess: Website will be launched anew with the space doodles release.

But I love the idea about the NFT education experience as part of the relaunched website!

Perhaps this thread/proposal can shift from ‘revamp website’ to ‘A Doodles adventure into the world of NFTs’ which I think supports the mission of bringing it into every household.

Extending the education idea:
Normies who complete the Doodles NFT adventure get to mint for free on the site a polygon NFT drop to complete the experience. It could also be airdropped if the user simply puts their address. 1 standard burnt toast art work, 50,000, not part of the main Doodles collection. Could be a POAP too but with a polygon NFT, at least they are introduced to OpenSea / looks rare.

Including an element of NFT education is a good idea

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