Buy Back cOzmo's Doodle which he accidentally sold for 0.12 eth

Hi all - this is a pretty simple one. One of our community, cOzmo#4488, just sold his Doodle accidentally for 0.12 eth.

This is a horrible mistake which could happen to any of us, and imagine if it did happen to us, how awesome it would be if our community came together and got us our doodle back somehow.

So I’m proposing that’s what we do. Either we pool funds together to buy him back his dood, or, even better, we ask the team if we can use eth from the doodle treasury to stage this rescue for our fellow community member.

It was his only Doodle. Can you imagine how shit that must feel - this is a pure mercy mission. We’re all doing really well here at the moment. Let’s help our friend out when he badly needs it.


No f#%$ing way you are doing this for me. I’m at a loss for words here. THANK YOU SO MUCH NO MATTER THE OUTCOME. This means a lot and already has made me feel a ton better


Would hope we can get this Dood his Dood back. I’m good for 0.5 ETH, let’s do this…


If the community wants to pool funds, go for it. However, I am not for the use of doodlebank funds for a couple reasons

  • It sets a precedent for all future (and past!) scams/misclicks that they will be reimbursed by the doodlebank
  • It is potentially abusable by malicious actors who could orchestrate “scams” in order to defraud doodlebank