Buying the @doodles instagram handle off 9gag

We should reach out to 9gag (the current owner of the @doodles username handle on instagram) and try to buy the username off them as it would help the doodles brand spread further through social media.

The instagram account could be used as a place for the team to share doodle related artwork and promotional pieces.


Oh good point. And if this isn’t possible we definitely should be securing a good Instagram handle. And Tiktok. Even @doodlesNFT maybe or something along those lines.


I’ve secured @doodlesNFT on TikTok. Team can just dm me to get the login when needed


Do we know what price it is going for?

already exists :frowning: Login • Instagram

Do we have any Doodle holders in 9Gag? Or with connections to 9Gag, message me please!

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