Chase the Rainbow: Grand Prix and future plans

Space Noodles is extremely proud to present its official proposal for the further development and community involvement in :rainbow:Chase the Rainbow:rainbow:.

Game Website

Please read a full in depth description of the game on our Notion Doc

What is Chase the Rainbow?

Chase the Rainbow is the first ever community driven realtime multiplayer and interoperable browser-based game. Play with your wrapped Space Noodles or Space Doodles and battle to collect the most rainbow points!

Chase the Rainbow aims to spark a new perspective on how community-led initiatives could be developed by fostering an autonomous creative direction. This is the starting point for Chase the Rainbow and we hope to invite developers, artists, musicians, designers, and any creative community member to contribute amazing ideas to our game. The game is ENTIRELY open-source, which allows for the community to contribute their own ideas directly into the code so that we can build the best game and vision together. Open sourcing our game drives community-led initiatives, which is an integral objective that Noodles aims to nurture and incubate for creativity and innovation.

Head over to our Notion Documentation for more in depth information and how to play!

Our first Chase the Rainbow tournament has been planned and will be hosted in tandem with Doodles in the coming weeks. This is a great event for Doodlers to look forward to and for our competitive spirits to shine.

Primary Community Benefits

How does Chase the Rainbow benefit the Doodles brand and community? We believe that this initiative has countless positive benefits on the Doodles community and brand:

  • The first utility and use case for Space Doodles
  • Organic way to empower the community by encouraging and monetarily rewarding community participation and contribution
  • A way for Doodlers to form a deep connection through interacting and bonding with their space doodle
  • Encourages holders to wrap their unwrapped doodles and unveil ship combinations that have yet to be seen
  • Periodic community-powered activations that Doodlers and all of web3 can look forward to
  • A reason for Doodlers to continue to check Discord and keep up with activities
  • Source of exposure for the Doodles brand (no other project has a real-time token-gated online multiplayer game with periodic tournaments!)

Chase the Rainbow Tournaments and Awards

Doodles and Noodles will co-host occasional tournaments to garner community bonding. Prizes and rewards will be given for top leaderboard scores, community participation, and special quests, including Dooplicators, Genesis Boxes, Noodles, Space Merch, Doodles goodies, and more.

Doodlebank Ask

The current state of the game is a beta launched version. Although 100% playable and extremely fun, there are always features to be improved and built upon to make this game spectacular. Our goal is to encourage our fellow community members to contribute and build while also getting rewarded. To continue to fund the development and operation of Chase the Rainbow, we are asking for funds to reward community members for solid contributions and developments to the game as well as Game Upkeep, Operations, and Marketing for our team.

Budget Allocation

Total ask: 25 ETH

5 ETH will be reserved for contributors of a variety of improvements and developments to the game and website in the form of bounties and rewards. Below are examples of improvements that can be made.

  • Incorporate new items to improve gameplay (bombs, speed boost, point multipliers, etc)

  • Improve overall UI of the game

  • Improving vfx, sfx (death, pickup, trail reset)

  • Upgrade ai bots

  • Incorporate different game modes and a lobby system

  • Make the game mobile friendly (app?)

  • Improve the rainbow trail

  • Scaling issues on different monitor sizes (consistent aspect ratio)

These funds will be held by Mushy until used in a separate wallet and will be paid out upon completion. Due to the vague nature of this bounty system and the infinite possibilities of improvements and contributions, the approval of completion and the amount paid will be fairly judged and agreed upon by both Mushy, the Noodles team, and the active bounty seeker before starting and after completion. Funds that are not used within the end of January 2023 (~4 months) will be promptly returned back to the Doodlebank. If funds run out or are insufficient to reward bigger and more serious contributions, the difference can be taken out of the other 20 ETH or another proposal will be proposed. These funds are reserved for tangible improvements to the game, such as new code, new art assets, etc. The open source Github repository will be made available to the public after the first Chase the Rainbow official tournament in the coming weeks.

20 ETH will be allocated for development, maintenance, server upkeep, and operating costs.

Thank you!

On behalf of the Space Noodles team, thank you so much for this opportunity to build and create for our beloved community members.

We’re excited by what this game can become and what the community can ideate and build. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed developing it.

As a reminder, please check out our Notion Documentation for more in depth information

Thank you for supporting our proposal!

Core Team


Congrats on releasing this out! I’m a big fan of what you doods are doing and it’s another great dimension to activate the community and direct this awesome talent in an equally awesome direction.

I’ll make sure to give you some more specific feedback soon, but for now, you have my wand doods! :clap:


s/o to the Noodles team, thank you for the thoughtful proposal ! I personally can’t see a better way to allocate DB funds than improving the current experience you’ve provided.

As you’re mentioning an eventual mobile version of the game, I was wondering if making this game available to non-holders - or even to the mainstream audience really - was in your pipe eventually ?


Much love sh0! We’ll be in touch :heart_hands:


Appreciate the kind words!

The future pipeline of the game is heavily influenced upon the direction the community wants to take it. Investing in a mobile version, making the game open to non-holders, or incorporating new NFT projects into the game are all viable options and we want to continue to encourage the community to exercise their creative freedom and be apart of the direction of the game. To be clear, the suggestions listed are just suggestions and are no means promised developments in our pipeline.

To specifically address the topic of making the game available to non-holders, there are definitely pros and cons to both. A pro to opening up is more external adoption which will lead people into the Doodles ecosystem via the game. A possible con to this is losing the fomo/exclusivity with owning a Doodle/Noodle since we will will be the only project with a real time multiplayer game at the moment. Nonetheless, we’re always open to hearing any and all suggestions and opinions. Hope this clears things up!


This is historical that you guys managed to successfully deliver the first use case for Space Doodles. I fully support the push to get Doodlers together in the same server, on VC or other telecomms, compete head to head. I see how the gaming competitions will help breed a more closer community and incentivizing via giveaways should drive greater participation. What you Doods have done with the initial blessing back in 2021 is nothing short of spectacular. I agree that scaling this game has a symbiotic benefit to both Doodlers and Noodlers. Ya’ll are killing it.

My question, seems like low hanging fruit. Do you guys have any plans on partnering/collabing with other projects, products, entrepreneurs, and artists that trace their beginnings to the Doodle community as well? If yes, could you provide an example of what these cooperative efforts could look like?

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Noodles and doodles !!! this is the key !!!
let’s go !!!

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“The oodleverse”

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Very well put together! I will definitely be voting yes and encourage others to do the same. This is a conservative amount you requested to continue to push doodle’s best approved derivative forward!

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The Noodles team continues to show commitment to Web3 even in the face of a bear market!! I support this innovative and hope to see the noodles brand continue to develop and support Doodles in the future!

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Keep building, Chase the Rainbow has been a fun time so far, would love to see this proposal go through and scale the game even more. The more competition, more fun overall. Great idea for the mobile game as well.

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I am for this proposal. Fair distribution and should be fun for the community. Gameplay is fun, and I like the custom game option, you plan to implement.

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This is so hype lfg!!

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Really love the idea and the whole proposal.

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the space doodles game we’ve all been waiting for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Would we ever say no to a community led proposal from the noodles team? That has delivered at every stage ? Noodles :saluting_face:

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