[Community Chair Application] 8270

Name / Pseudonym: 8270

Twitter Handle: @8270eth

Discord ID: 8270#8397

Doodle(s) ID(s): 8270

Qualifications / Experience:
I’m “late” to applying as I have given this a lot of thought. For days I have been asking myself “Am I qualified?” or “Do I have the experience that the team is looking for?” and I imagine that many of you have felt the same way. However, after a few conversations with my family and friends, I have decided to apply and I encourage you to apply as well if you haven’t yet.

  • Experience leading teams or organizations, Strong communication and collaboration skills, Ability to facilitate discussions and build consensus:
    I don’t have any degrees, hence my hesitation to apply, but I do have experience and after much thought I think I can deliver. I work for a small company where I lead development. In my personal life I got involved in associations and have often found myself in a leadership role bringing unity when there was none. The TL;DR of one situation is that some members were at odds with a board and instead of presenting their case to the board in a productive way they threatened and hurled insults for years (similar to web3 :joy:). Upon joining, I spent years building relationships with not only disgruntled members but also the board and found ways to move forward in a productive manner. Individuals later came up and thanked me for how I conducted myself and for the role that I played and although the outcome wasn’t perfect the temperature of the association had improved.

  • Knowledge of the Doodles community and its needs:
    I have been heavily involved in the Doodles community since mint and have had many private and public conversations with many community members. I have sat in on probably hundreds of hours of Spaces that go as far back as Biggs and Nitty as the hosts. I’ve talked to some of the harshest critics as well as the biggest supporters and believe that I have a good understanding of what the community wants out of, not only the Doodles team, but also this Community Council. I will seek to do everything in my ability to deliver on those concerns and requests, whether I make it on the council or not.

  • Experience with project management or community organizing:
    In my career I manage many projects throughout the year and organize individuals to help me with the delivery. As for community organizing, ever since I got access to the world wide web (shoutout to AOL), I have looked for opportunities to organize communities in a way that gives individuals a reason to login online. It’s amazing to see how something so small, in the grand scheme of things, can grow into something that lifts the moral of a community and ends up bringing everyone together to rally around it. “I’m proud to be a doodle.” is a perfect example of this. Shoutout to Austin for ruining his Twitter algorithm by retweeting all of the tweets, we appreciated it! :sweat_smile:

Why are you running for the Community Council?
First, let me begin by thanking not only the Doodles team, but also the Doodles community for making me feel at home. Doodles has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier with where my NFT journey has led me.

I’m running for Community Council as I care deeply about this community. Throughout my time here I have sought to have a net positive impact in the community and, although I have sometimes failed in that regard, I continue to strive to have that kind of impact. When the team announced the Community Council I’m sure I was like many from the community. I got into a few voice calls with some fellow Doodle holders and started to talk about the possibilities and the energy was electric. We all started to, once again, dream about the possibilities of the Doodlebank and what it can do for the community.

After reading all of the council positions and their qualifications, as well as having talks with close friends, I have decided to run for Chair. I believe that I will be able to help bring unity to the council in a way that will help all of us effectively serve the community. This community means the world. My NFT journey started in 2017 and although I have been in many projects and communities over the years, I have never found a community like the Doodles.

Like I said, Doodles has changed my life and I will continue to do what I can, whether that is on the council or not, to have a positive impact for the community. There are talented individuals running for the council and I count it an honor to have this opportunity. Thank you all for your time and consideration.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):


LFG baby.
8270 is truly 1/1 dood right there. Time and time again we’ve seen community members without degrees just killing it in this space bringing way more value than those with more degrees than a thermometer.

I always appreciate 8270 for actively playing a role in bringing in the community vibes. Most times when the community is down or when there’s some event that’s on everyone’s minds, you can always find an 8270 spaces to get us going.

Amidst all the doodlebank issues, 8270 has been there always vocal about pushing reform and actively suggested ways to bring back value to community. He is also not ashamed to call out someone on their shit. You can always find his no-vote there on every proposal he doesn’t vibe with; even if it means that proposal gets passed and it reaches quorum because of it. As one of our most prominent doodle holders, his presence matters in providing the community needed motivation to vote and have our voices heard. He understands that. He understands what the community needs.

8270 definitely has my vote for council chair. He is definitely a top tier candidate. Truly a 1/1 dood we’ve got here.


Very disappointed there was no LinkedIn dox. Very happy to see you apply. A top top candidate who bleeds doodles and would be a great asset to our council. Only issue he will have to grapple with is should we be letting costume doodles into position of of influence, that seems like a dangerous game to play.


Bullish on 8270. You’ve had a major impact on the Doodles community, and stuck through thick and thin.

Love to see that you’ve applied, really want to see you on the community council one way or another. Just like Doodles brings color to the world, you bring color to our community.

You have my support. :white_heart:


I appreciate you roops :pray:

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I have appreciated our friendship in the Doodles community. Believe me, I would never attempt to bring a costume doodle into the council. :saluting_face:


There are so many doodle holders that we should be bullish on and hopefully with this new doodlebank we’ll see holders shine.


You’ve got my vote! A true community champion.


A pillar of the Doodles community with a deep belief in and understanding of the team/vision.

I respect everything you already do for us, and your patient attitude with people during manic times makes you a brilliant option for this role.


8270 I can’t help but feel your early pondering arrived at the best place for you, doodles and our community. I wish you all the best!

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Oh jeez, I think I replied on twitter but not on here. But 8270 you have been such a pillar to the community. Great to see you apply for chair, glad you chose to.

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Thank you, and I should mentioned, I’m very pleased to see you running. You’re work for the DB cannot be overstated.

Thanks Doodlien. I still think you should’ve ran for council :saluting_face:

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I love this community and brand. Thanks Santan!

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I appreciate you Doodlifts. Thanks for the kind words. I think there are a great group of doodles that have applied and the team has excellent options.

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