[Community Chair Application] Bamboo

Name / Pseudonym: Bamboo

Twitter Handle: @bamboo__eth

Discord ID: bamboo#8403

Doodle(s) ID(s): 1147

Dear Doodles, I am happy to have the opportunity to run for the Community Council

Watching the applications, I was thrilled to see that our community is full of talented people (though I knew this before, but I was surprised by the depth of experience), and I’m glad the team is giving these abilities a chance to be realized for the benefit of our community!

I’m sure that now begins a new chapter of Doodles development, on which we will all work together as a single mechanism!

Qualifications / Experience:

WEB 3:


  • Full-time in NFTs since April 2021
  • Formed a private group of investors from various backgrounds and dived them into NFT. There were around 50 people from beginner to advanced level, resulting in a total profit of $500k.
  • Alpha Caller in different communities


  • Developing an AI based NFT project since November 2021
  • Built a team of 20 people
  • Responsible for marketing, community building, and AI product development
  • Skilled in scrum and agile development. Applied agile management for over a year.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of London
  • Senior Marketing Strategist and Marketing Team Lead at SOCAR
  • Passionate about economics and have won various national competitions.

Additional info for Chair Application

I communicate with roughly half of my team, which consists of 20 people, on a daily basis.

To manage our time, we use the Clickup app as we wokring on various tasks. For more than a year, I have incorporated scrum into my work routine, and I have found it to be beneficial not only for software development but also for guiding a team.

One challenge with the doodles council is that it is not a full-time job and, as a result, cannot receive the full attention it requires.
However, by implementing the scrum system, I am confident that we can enhance the efficiency of the Council’s work, enabling us to work on multiple proposals simultaneously despite our part-time schedule.

Why are you running for Community Council ?

  • I have deep understanding of needs, demands and expectations of OGs. There are 100-150 of us left who care about Doodles every day. We lost 50 at the last FUD and our goal is to get that number back up to 200 and only then will new people start coming in and the ecosystem will be healthy. We don’t have enough people - the doodles ecosystem is comfortable having more interested people so that IP starts to spread. We need more creators, artists, researchers, educators, etc.

  • We need to return engagement to our collection to make it as fun as it used to be. We need to carry the doodles vibe not only within our community, but outside of it as well. In order for mass adoption of doodles to reach web2 so that our kids can visit theme doodle parks and watch doodles episodes, listen to music and wear clothes associated with the doodles brand - for that we need to do a great work in web3. Only after that the doodle culture will spread.

  • I am ready and willing to do it. My web 3 experience allows me to make it happen. I’ve been in this Space for a very long time and have chosen Doodles as my home where I will always be welcome and it pains me to see that we have problems. I want to fix them. I have clear goals that I want to achieve within Doodles Council.

Let me introduce my VisionMap.

Some parts of my previous suggestions are still relevant, so I put them on it too.

I would like to highlight some points

1. Sub-Communities:

Sub-Communities are an important and incredibly valuable part of our larger ecosystem and changes to the doodlebank allow them to develop more effectively.

At the moment, sub-communities remain isolated from each other, even though they are essentially united by one big brand, so one of our suggestions is a Sub-Community association:

The point of this association is to get sub-community creators to work more closely together to:

  • Running shared events to get more doodles together
  • Forming more solid position for doodles in the web3 space as a community

Also, it’s worth mentioning the overlooked sub-community - Rainbow Alpha
This sub-community provides our holders with a deeper web3 experience, keeping them onboard among all new projects in the market.

Proposal to Doodlebank for RBH is in development and it’s waiting to be discussed.

2. Doodles 2 / FLOW

The perception of Doodles 2 on FLOW is one problem that can be solved by our combined efforts.
As I wrote earlier, not all doodles actively dooplicate their Doodles and trade wearables, so we need:

  • Increase the demand for it here in web3 so that it has demand outside of it.
  • To tell more about the abilities of FLOW and dooplicators and find the way to encourage people to foster dooplication
  • Let our holders understand how FLOW contributes to the development of Doodles as a brand

Because right now we have 6,500 unused dooplicators, and moreover, due to ignorance of Doodles2 mechanics, we’ve probably already lost a lot of rare wearables.

3. IP Spreaders and OG Doodles

I think this is one of the most important things to work on.
We already have movement in this direction, but it needs to be strengthened, because these are the most expensive assets of Doodles.

  • to create a separate section on the website for the community, where all sub-communities and community artists will be listed with short description and links to their pages
  • to create channel with community updates
  • to create group chat for holders who is leading sub-communities, doing arts and sharing info about doodles in the space

4. WEB3 Partnerships.

Our team has a unique perspective on NFTs and plans to implement their ideas to establish doodles as a global entertainment brand, but we need to shape that image of Doodles within the web3 space.

One way I see it is to work more closely with other big projects and builders.

I’m sure the team has people they trust and with whom we could collaborate within web3 to spread the doodles brand and culture outside of our community.

This is one of the least expensive, most risky, but necessary ways.
I’m sure that by working together, we can achieve results in this direction.

5. Team / Community and Team Councils

In the work between these three management resources, it is necessary to emphasize communication:

Sure there are no misunderstandings within these units and can’t arise, but the work of the consuls extends beyond one community to spread the doodles in the web3 (rewards, events, grants)

The team should emphasize helping consuls reach out and represent ideas to partners to better implement our ideas.

My CV:


I’ve been interested in developing the doodles community before the announcement of the community council and have always tried to do things that would give value to our members.

I have written letters to the team and to the community and will continue to do so until real changes are made.

Also, there are already three prepared proposals, which will form the basis of my work as a doodles council:

1) The development of team and community communication. (You may have already read this in my thread - a letter to the community-driven project)

2) The development of sub-communities. (You may have already read this in my thread - a letter to the community)

3) The development of partnerships and Rainbow Alpha changes. (It’s not quite ready yet, but I want to share it with you anyways)

I’ve been thinking about changes for a long time and I want you to better understand what I want to work on and what I want to implement.

From Bamboo to the Doodles, with love <3


Great detailed application, especially the scrum approach… Love the passion and thought you are putting in. All the best and I look forward to getting to know you more.

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Appreciate your support, dood :people_hugging:

We’ll definitely get to know each other better :mechanical_arm:

Very detailed application you’ve got there bamboo. Great job

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Super deep understanding of Doodles needs and realistic vision. Nice one.

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Appreciate that Legend :heart:

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