[Community Chair Application ] DaveToronto

Name / Pseudonym: David Schwartz aka “DaveToronto”

Twitter Handle: DaveToronto_xyz

Discord ID: DaveToronto#0001

Doodle(s) ID(s): #7260, #8014, #301

Hold onto your virtual hats, for today I joyfully declare my intention to run for the position of Doodle Community Council Chair !

Qualifications / Experience:

GM, Doodle Community!

Over the past 36 months (but who’s counting?), I’ve plunged headfirst into the crypto and web3 rabbit hole, and for the last 24, I’ve been an eager beaver in various NFT communities (Moonbirds, Veefriends, and of course a Doodles), hosting and actively participating in many of Twitter spaces.

My 20-year career at Microsoft, one of the world’s technological titans, has sharpened my prowess as a visionary leader, overseeing 80+ strong teams and running businesses and full P&Ls valued at over $250 million. As a sales leader, my experience with storytelling that connects value to outcomes has been the bedrock of my success and approach - both with customers and the teams I’ve had the privilege to lead.

For me, leadership is about igniting and nurturing the spark within others, cultivating a culture of inquisitiveness, diversity, and an insatiable hunger for growth. This philosophy has helped me clinch the coveted Microsoft Gold Club award of excellence and assemble teams that consistently surpass expectations.

As I embrace the role of Doodle Community Council Chair, I envision a future ripe with authentic communication and collaboration between the Doodles team and the Community Council. I see bi-weekly meetings that are not only a well-oiled machine but also a bubbling cauldron of innovation and creativity. Most importantly, I envision a community that’s engaged, empowered, and marching in unison toward the horizon of greatness.

Most importantly, I foresee a community that is engaged, empowered, and united in chasing greatness.

With unwavering confidence, I believe my experience and qualifications align with the Chair and Council’s requirements, and that my distinctive skill set—proven leadership, strategic thinking, project management, and community organizing—renders me an ideal candidate for this role.

As we set sail on this odyssey together, I vow to bring my expertise in blockchain, NFTs, governance, and decentralization to the table. I’ll prioritize communication, collaboration, adaptability, and learning agility - all the while cultivating a robust, inclusive community. I’m committed to ethical leadership, financial acumen, and familiarity with legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring our ship stays afloat and sails responsibly.

We, the Doodle community, are more than mere enthusiasts - we’re trailblazers in an uncharted world that’s unfolding like a digital pop-up book. Together, we can sculpt the future and craft something truly breathtaking.

I’m honored to be considered for the role of Doodle Community Council Chair, and I eagerly anticipate joining forces with all of you to bring this vision to life.

Why are you running for Community Council ?

What can I say? The enchanting allure of Doodles, their untapped potential, and the colorful tapestry of our thriving community have stolen my heart and tickled my fancy.

Always spellbound by the marriage of technology, IP and community, I believe we now teeter on the edge of a web3 and NFT revolution, poised to redefine our lives and the world as we know it.

With heartfelt sincerity, I find myself drawn to run for the Community Council, as the remarkable individuals in our community have left an indelible mark on me.

Witnessing the passion, talent, and dedication you all bring to this space has sparked an unquenchable desire within me to learn and contribute to what I genuinely believe will be the dawn of a groundbreaking era.

Our collective efforts and aspirations have the power to reshape the world, and I am wholeheartedly committed to fostering an environment that nurtures creativity, embraces collaboration, and celebrates growth.

By running for the Community Council, I aim to serve as a vessel of inspiration, mirroring the same spirit and determination that has motivated me to be a part of this transformative journey.

Together, we’ll join forces to create a harmonious blend of innovation, unity, and endless opportunities.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

Check out David Schwartz’s profile on LinkedIn

[LinkedIn: Profile of David Schwartz]

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Happy to see my fellow Canadians join the application !!!

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Great application Dave. You clearly have a passion for leadership, Im sure you could inspire greatness in the council if chosen as chair!

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Dave! That’s a great application and I would love to see a contribution to our community from such a professional if you get chosen!

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