[Community Chair Application] Doodlifts

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Matthew Nofi / Doodlifts

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Qualifications / Experience:

Applicable skills: Effective communication, team leadership, content creation, start-up experience, deep brand, community, and web3 knowledge

Just to be clear and so this doesn’t seem disingenuous. I will not try to paint myself as some seasoned tech persona, because I am not. What I am is a leader who has worked in the mental health field for over a decade, primarily working with direct counseling of adolescents and their families. If you want to test your mettle as a communicator, try to mediate between teens struggling with addiction and their families reeling from the affliction.

Strangely enough, the skill of translating and mediating between petulant teens and their parents and vice versa is not too dissimilar from liaising between a web3 company and its community. I say that only half joking, but ask anyone who has been in the space long enough, and sometimes it’s the truth. The ability to not take things personally and to stay solution focused cannot be emphasized enough, the person in this role will face tough questions and criticism and will need to be able to serve the community in spite of adversity.

Enough about that, some of my history as it pertains to applicable skills for the role.

I have been a leader and helped grow 2 mental health start-ups;

Advanced from volunteer at a small behavioral health start up to being the Director for the first expansion of their model. Moved from PHX to KC to open up a new branch of the organization. Spearheaded fundraising and community relations which resulted in the program becoming a trusted provider within the Kansas City area and beyond. I collaborated with other agencies to host a multitude of regional in person events for our clients and families. During my time I was able to serve hundreds of families through direct counseling and served many more through public speaking engagements.

I have grown from a part time outpatient counselor to the primary adolescent facilitator at a behavioral e-health start up, have assisted the company in growing from 5 employees to 50+. I have been a leader on the adolescent team, trusted with training new staff and maintaining a high quality product.

Additionally I wrote my undergraduate thesis(two years ago, I’m 31 years old) on communication. My work as part of the communication team was published in a print book titled “The making of a COVID LAB.” As a first of its kind multi-disciplinary honors project, my focus was on analyzing the effectiveness of public facing communication initiatives by the Biodesign Institute. So effective communication is not only something I use in my everyday career but something I have researched as well.

In web3;

Co- Founded TGID with my good friend Chef Tony P. We sought to fill the gap in communications by the team at a time when not a lot was heard from inside the halls of the Doodles team. Our aim was to create an adjunct media company, something similar to Apple insiders in relation to Apple. We want our content to be indistinguishable from Doodles official comms in terms of quality. We have worked tirelessly to create what we believe to be a best in class product. Since launching, we have hosted over 30 weekly twitter spaces, including 2 “meet the team” episodes where we interviewed Julian Holguin and Ingi Erlingsson. We have written over 30 editions of our TGIDigest newsletter , which provides the most comprehensive coverage of the Doodles company and community. Beyond this I believe TGID has had a immensely positive effect on the Doodles ecosystem, we have received nothing but positive feedback on our product. We also released funds from the Doodlebank to refine and grow the TGID product which is going extremely well!

Tony and I have collaborated non-stop since September to give TGID a cohesive voice and persistent presence in the community and we couldn’t be more proud. I intend to to use my skills as a content creator to elevate communications from the council to the holders. I am a Swiss army knife of content creation skills from A/V to light animation, photoshop to illustrator and more. I intend to utilize and continue to grow those skills to best serve the community.

In addition to TGID, I have become a content curator for the Floor app, a brand ambassador for Arcade.xyz, and a affiliate for the Non-Refungible Network

Why are you running for the Community Council?

I will put this very bluntly , I love the Doodles. I hope my history within the community makes clear my commitment to this brand and this community. A sustained presence and enthusiasm about this brand is not something that can be faked.

But about why I am running. There are two people in the Doodles community who have the most experience with the previous iteration of the Doodlebank, those two people are myself and Chef Tony P. We have both been Proposers or on the teams, not to mention the ad hoc amplification and campaigning, for more Final Vote Doodlebank proposals than anyone. I don’t say that to gloat but I say it to showcase my passion and dedication to working on/in the Doodlebank.

I believe in the Doodles brand and I believe in the Doodles community. I have said this since I got into web3 and this is reflected in the ethos of TGID, but I believe every community member has a superpower and if we can unlock a way to leverage those powers, our brands will be unstoppable.

There may be others who are technically more qualified for this role but I think one thing is very clear, I want to serve the Doodles community. This isn’t about vanity, or a title, or even the money( As shown by what we’ve been willing to do at TGID for peanuts). All I want to do is to serve this community and make it the best version of what it can be. As chair I would do my best to be a measured voice of the community to the team, and an effective communicator on behalf of the team to the community. There are scars from these past few months between the team and community and I believe as chair, I could help heal them. I humbly offer my time and talents to serving the community in whatever way is needed. If that means not as the chair, I will still be here, doing right by this community I have come to call my home in web3.

Thank you to the team and community for your time and consideration. Please feel free to ask any questions in the forum below.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

LinkedIn Profile
The TGID Twitter


Commenting first to say you have my vote.

Let’s go doodlifts!!!


Wow Jon! I respect you quite a bit, so it means a lot to have your endorsement! Thanks for taking the time to comment.


Great person !! Respect for you and all you do!!! :pray::pray::clap::clap:


No surprise here… I’ve seen the work you’ve done for our community… TGID! You have my vote.


You exemplify what it means to be a Doodle and I know you have what it takes to corral a group of people to fix and improve the Doodlebank to be the best it can be

You have my wand!


Lifts - this is the first time EVER that I have written on a Doodles forum, believe it or not.

I’ve known you since you joined this wonderful community, and you have gone above and beyond to serve, with nothing asked in return.

There is no doubt in my mind. There are no questions or hesitations. You are a humble dood. You love this community.

You have my vote.


you have my vote dood


great to see you apply my friend, I support and best of luck.

be like doodlifts


we love TGID❤️ and we are lucky to have you in doodles community, GL doodlifts🤝


Appreciate what you and chef tony p has been doing for Doodles with TGID!


Thanks Nir! Loved seeing what you have done with live events!

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Thanks Corgan! loved seeing how involved you’ve become in the community!

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Eyal! Thank you so much, it has been inspiring to see what you have built with the Wizzys and in all your other adventures. I appreciate your confidence in me, I would be honored to have the opportunity to help shape the future of the Doodlebank.


CHeeeeif! I am so happy that I simply inspired you to participate more in the Doodlebank! I appreciate the kind words, Headband gang sticks together!

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Thanks Conquad, hopefully we will get to serve together!!

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Thank you Santan! I appreciate the kind words and taking the time to post!

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Thanks JJ your work has been bringing so much joy to my timeline and Im sure so many others! We are lucky to have you in our community!

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Thanks YoungSun, it has been so great to have a doodle on the other side of the globe!! Thanks for your support!

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Wishing you the best of luck in the community council process! Your passion, dedication and contributions to our community are truly inspiring.