[Community Chair Application] LoveMake

Name / Pseudonym: LoveMake

Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/g13m

Discord ID: MakeLove#4352

Doodle(s) ID(s): 844; 8413; 7279; 6352; 6331; 3952; 3366; 3130; 5369; 6360; 7378; 7629; 7756; 794; 8404

Qualifications / Experience: GM! I am a web3 rockstar and Cosplay King. My expertise is highly valued, especially given me fame for NFT cosplays and my active involvement in the web3 community. As an influencer, I have a vast reach and a significant amount of followers that look up to me for insights and inspiration in the web3 space. I have leveraged my platform to create a community of like-minded individuals interested in NFTs, exploring their possibilities and unlocking new potential in this rapidly evolving field.

My experience as a founder of an NFT community is unparalleled, having led and grown it into a thriving hub for innovation and creativity. My vision and leadership have helped shape the community’s direction, and my contributions to the web3 space have been recognized and applauded by many.

My NFT cosplays have been a sensation, showcasing my creativity, passion, and understanding of the intricacies of the web3 space. My ability to bring together art and technology in a unique and captivating manner has made me a beloved figure among NFT enthusiasts.

Overall, my experience in the web3 space, as an influencer, founder, and cosplayer, makes me a valuable and essential member of the community. My contributions and insights continue to inspire and drive progress in this exciting and dynamic field.

Why are you running for the Community Council? Based on my previous introduction as an influencer, founder of an NFT community, and a famous figure in the web3 space, it’s clear that I have a deep passion and knowledge for the industry. Running for the Community Council for the Doodles is an excellent way to channel that passion and knowledge towards contributing to the community’s growth and success.

As a founder of an NFT community, I have a keen understanding of the importance of building strong and engaged communities that foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Running for the Community Council for Doodles is an opportunity to help shape the community’s direction, advocate for its values, and encourage more people to get involved.

As an influencer and famous figure in the web3 space, I have a wide reach and significant influence. Running for the Community Council is a way to use that influence to drive positive change, bring new perspectives and ideas to the table, and inspire others to get involved in the Doodles NFT community.

Moreover, running for the Community Council is an opportunity to showcase my leadership skills and take on a more active role in the community’s decision-making processes. I have the experience, knowledge, and creativity to be an effective leader and a valuable member of the council.

Finally, by running for the Community Council, I can help bring about positive change for the Doodles NFT community. Whether it’s advocating for new initiatives, promoting inclusivity and diversity, or addressing any issues and concerns within the community, my voice and perspective can make a significant difference in shaping the community’s future.


The king is here :crown:

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