[Community Chair Application] SantanDood

Name / Pseudonym: SantanDood

Twitter Handle: @santandood

Discord ID: SantanDood#3361

Doodle(s) ID(s): 1391/1394/842/95/9000

Qualifications / Experience:

My early (and very) web2 career was established from my education in project management within the construction industry, across UK and into Europe. I moved due to work, family and ambition to the Middle East (Dubai) a decade ago and honed my skills in a new country, multicultural city/country/region and unfamiliar grounds.

I worked my way through a business and into directorship and winning new business and 3-years ago established an SME consultancy in project management (of my own) working in the built environment (from design management, through construction, into solutions and operations and maintenance). The relevance of this, is that, for nearly a decade I have lead programmes, contracts and teams responsible for building and delivering solutions in the services industry - this includes international airports (worlds busiest airport by passenger traffic), internationally leading Hospitals, aviation fire, rescue and life safety services, Asset Management Services for Sovereign Wealth Funds and planning, controlling and delivering award winning new National standards programmes amongst others.

My strengths are building teams, motivating and delivering of very complex programmes in the most challenging and (sometimes life) critical environments; financial planning and control, building operational solutions, implementing and delivering solutions, monitoring and controlling performance and building continual improvement programmes.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

I entered crypto in 2017 and into NFTs only in 2021 through a small international community I established with friends and word of mouth. A couple of early failures arrived at minting doodles and I noticed something different - I passed on many other opportunities and the very successful key players in the space throughout my 18-months in favour of my support for all things Doodles.

I have kept on top of everything Doodles, I have (for me) doubled down heavily and invested further in my holdings. I have a small but active Twitter account that I thorough enjoy but admit - Doodles discord is mostly too much for me and my positive self, have many friends and stay more active in smaller Doodles unofficial discords.

I am an avid, unwavering football fanatic (soccer, incorrectly, to some of you) and follow my home team - religiously, never missing a moment on or off the pitch, for my entire mobile life. I found synergies with Doodles/Community and my football support. I believe in Doodles and the vision. Doodles is my team.

I can’t claim to be a typical web3 degen, I am an honest and caring Wed3 dad of 2 (girl, 0.5 and 2 yo) and loving husband. I am just a family man through and through. Doodles is my web3 family.

Being outside the US, I haven’t had the ability or opportunity (for the reasons above) to attend any official IRL activiations or meet ups. I set up small local ones in exchange. I fly the flag for the ‘overseas’ doodles but I understand and support (with votes) all things US (shoutout JKB on the superb event recently - did us proud). I am therefore extremely focused on the potential for global pop-up community events and how the DoodleBank and Doodles can support with branding, funds, tools, art, ideas, props and more.

I wish all the applicants the best of luck and look forward to seeing the DoodleBank and the community flourish.



Nice to get to know you a little bit better. Impeccable doodle and great application!


Great app Santan, great that you see the similarities between sport fandom and web3 communities. People have 2nd jobs as fans and we need to respect that commitment!

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Great community member we’ve got here.
Also, bullish on SantanDood for using the correct term: football

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Nice App and great to learn more about you. Love to see the overseas representation.

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Appreciate the kind words, Nes. This council is going be very strong with such great applications (with or without me) and the added benefit of the Doodles teams experience in what’s needed. Nes for Pres.

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Ty doodlifts! It’s becoming clearly… I’ve followed my team to the doldrums and miraculously (albeit financial injection) recovery to the top of a world game. Of which the old guard said, for years, could never ever happen. Build foundations, with the right ppl, create the culture… success will come.

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TY! International Doods :raised_hands:

That’s right, roops! The only alternative I’ll accept is footy. :soccer: _ :soccer:

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Every time I am amazed at the experience and background of doodles and this time is no exception!

A great app from an excellent member of the community!
Best of luck Santan :mechanical_arm:

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Great experience & great application write-up!

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