[Community Events Lead Application] Wmoon

Name / Pseudonym: Wmoon

Twitter Handle: @_wmoon

Discord ID: wmoon#7659

Doodle(s) ID(s): 6340

Qualifications / Experience:

I have a strong passion for doodles and joined the doodles community in April 2022, becoming a team member of one of doodles’ largest sub-communities, doodles CN. Over the course of my two-year tenure in the crypto industry, I have accumulated substantial experience in event coordination through business partnerships, community management, planning and conducting AMA sessions, as well as organizing irl events.

The successful organization of the irl meetup in Shenzhen serves as excellent proof of my ability to lead and accomplish event planning and coordination task. As such, I firmly believe that I am a suitable candidate for this position.

  • Event Planning & Coordination
    I streamlined and simplified event planning and coordination process with a systematic approach, ensuring that your event is a success. In addition, what is more important is the understanding of the NFT community and observing the market sentiment, in order to comprehend which type of event is appropriate to hold during different periods.

    Before formally preparing for the event, I have a clear understanding of what we hope to achieve. Start by identifying the goals and objectives of the event, as this will guide the planning process and a community survey was conducted.

    I called on Chinese-speaking holders all over asia to fill out questionnaire, which helped to initially determine the location and scale of the gathering. Based on my understanding of the community vibe and market conditions, I also identified the purpose and theme. Through this method, it was determined that the Shenzhen meetup would be a small gathering for holders during a bear market.

  • Partner sourcing and budget management
    After creating a budget that would enable us to successfully realize our gathering vision, we raised thousands of dollars within ten days from the Doodles Community Fund and several other excellent sponsors. Additionally, we secured various forms of perks for attendees through various channels, including but not limited to discounts, physical goods, and experiential opportunities. We also established a long-lasting network of friendly relationships with outstanding crypto builders through the event. This helped me determine what I can realistically achieve and ensure that we stay within financial constraints and stay on track and ensure that everything is completed on time.

  • Media, Guest Reservations & Arrangement

    I am responsible for managing several influential Doodles social media accounts in Chinese-speaking regions, including but not limited to WeChat Official Accounts, Xiaohongshu, and Twitter. Through these accounts, I have gained tens of thousands of followers and millions of interactions such as clicks, shares, and favorites. For this event, I utilized various strategies such as KOL articles, community posts, media publicity, and countdown poster collaborations to achieve the set target for reservations at a very fast pace. The party information was widely spread due to these efforts.

  • Venue Selection, Setup, and Design
    In mainland China and Hong Kong, I have a very extensive and close network of venue providers, and many of these venues have experience in hosting blockchain-related events. After confirming the location within three days, taking into account transportation, weather, and time, I personally visited and verified the venue situation through video and on-site inspection, negotiated the price, and preliminarily confirmed the venue design plan. With a good sense of aesthetics and preliminary design skills, I led the design of the main visual elements of the event, including but not limited to logo, slogan, main poster, and souvenirs, after discussing the detailed design plans with team members.

  • Event Logistics
    After the material design was completed, I proactively communicated to understand the production situation of the souvenirs, ensuring that there was no deviation between the physical product and the design draft. I coordinated all logistical details, such as transportation, accommodations, and equipment rentals. Ensure that everything is in place before the event starts.

  • Team work and Leadership Skills

    Successful events require collaboration from a team. Prior to the formal planning process, I broke down the tasks and assigned them to each person, confirming their respective important milestones. Through the collaboration of all members, we successfully completed tasks such as early-stage business negotiations, venue inspections and bookings, design work, personnel invitations, and venue arrangements. And on the day of the event, I managed all aspects of the event, including setup, registration, activities, and teardown. Properly handled some unexpected issues.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

I am running for the Community Council because I love doodles art and the community that surrounds it. It brings me so much joy and I want to share that joy with more people in around by introducing them to doodles and encouraging them to participate in doodle events.

I aspire to be the bridge between Doodles team and asian holders. If elected, I would propose a range of activities to boost the development of the Doodles community in Asia, which is currently lacking. Asian NFT holders are a vital and active part of the market (check memeland and azuki), and by establishing smooth communication channels, we can make asian doodlers feel respected and valued, transforming them into loyal advocates. Additionally, while managing various Doodles CN social media platforms, I noticed the potential of Doodles art to appeal to web2 audiences in asia. Many people are interested in Doodles’ official merchandise and would like to know how to purchase it.

We, all Asian doodlers, dream of participating in official doodle events in Asia. I believe that doodling is an art form that deserves more recognition and support, and by serving on the Community Council, I can help make that happen.

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Furthermore, as someone who has been able to secure funding for meetup through a streamlined application process, I understand the importance of such a program as a great incentive for individuals interested in organizing events. If elected, I aim to use this platform to propose and have approved more community events that can make a positive impact and increase the influence of Doodles. By simplifying the application process, we can encourage more people to come forward with their ideas and actively contribute to the growth and development of our community.

Finally, I believe that the establishment of the council is a crucial step taken by the Doodles team, and as the NFT market has shown, the community is everything to us. There are many talented and passionate Doodles holders in the Chinese and even Asian community. Whether I am elected or not, I hope that the community and the team can establish smooth communication, which will be a significant shift and bring positive impacts to the project. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has read this. A special thanks to the 500+ Doodles CN community memberswho have supported me.

Doodles! :rainbow:


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