[Community Grants Lead Application] Ayhth

Name / Pseudonym:
Ayhth (pronounced ‘A-ETH’) It was a handle from 20 years ago. DeviantArt days. Not the best, I know.

IRL name: Vincent
Twitter Handle: @vincenthaky
Discord ID: ayhth#3893

Doodle(s) ID(s): 6420, 3198, 1708, 9968, 8954

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Doxx: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinceha/
  • I’m a product company CEO - Lyte.co
  • 14 years as an entrepreneur /founder including:
  • Video production company (exited personally)
  • One of Singapore’s earliest social media marketing agencies in 2009 (exited)
  • One of the world’s first influencer marketing agencies (now a global talent and entertainment company) (exited, but bought back the company, no longer in an operational role)
  • Operated for 2 years in M&A and investments for the brief season I was acquired under a Korean parent co.
  • Recently started building in web3 - a DeFi platform on Arbitrum.

Over the past decade, I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve made plenty of mistakes but I’ve never stopped learning.

About doodlebank:
I’ve been involved in many proposals and votes in doodlebank in 2021 to mid 2022. Honestly, I never made it past final proposal. Perhaps, that allows me to empathize and understand the pain points of proposers seeking grants.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

  1. I believe in the Doodles team. I think they can figure out how to make Doodles a global web3 entertainment brand and company. I’ve said it on day one and my proposals have always reflected this belief. It’s why I spent alot of time in the forums and in #thinktank in the early days. More on that later…

  2. Grants philosophy: I believe that we should bet on people, not just the ideas. DB has the resources, it’s time we enabled more holders to do more. High cadence in making small (< 2 to 8 eth) intuitive bets on people who vibe in good faith, have reasonable plans and are aligned to the vision of the company and the community.

  3. That would be my simple take on accountability: Give money to good doods who can start small and get sh*t done. Stuff they get done should be visible on discord and timeboxed. We’ve had a few good initiatives that feel abit too drawn out that folks lose interest. Most things while end in failure… initially. But good teams will always figure their way out or bring value with their learnings to their community and the company.

  4. It’s about time for RFPs : Occassionally there will a need to swing big and hard on higher risk but extremely innovative initiatives. I suspect those would be linked to RFPs from the Doodles teams and that’s the most crucial part. I’ve asked this of @Mushy before: briefs from the team. Alot less guess work from the community and harnesses the incredible talent in this community.

It’s early days for Doodles and I’m in for the long ride. Why?

  • I had bitcoin in 2010 it was a few dollars. But I honestly thought it was just a novelty. I ignored it.
  • I revisited crypto in 2015 and actually bought some BTC and ETH. But remained skeptical.
  • In 2017, I finally understood what ETH was trying to become. I was crypto-pilled.
  • After that, I made it a point to always be early for crypto.
  • I did ICOs, mining, masternodes, staking, LEND before it became AAVE, nexo when it first launched, etc.
  • I was there before DeFi summer in 2020.
  • I saw Cryptopunks early. But was too stingy and didn’t have the conviction to part with 2 eth.
    → What I’m seeing now is the next generation of companies being built, I believe that Doodles is going to be in that cohort of future brands. My kid’s kids would know about doodles. Which is why I think this is worth investing some of my time. It’ll be fun being on the front row as history is being made. :slight_smile:

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

I have not been ‘active’ on Doodles discord and crypto twitter this past year as I’ve been heads down building my company. I’ve got a large team to take care of now and honestly, this would be secondary to that… and more.

Why I’m not the best candidate:

  1. I’m a father of 3 and family comes first.
  2. I’ve got my hands full with one company trying to change the world, so this would have to be a hobby. Just like how DeFi and GenAi are my hobbies.
  3. I’ve got other things that take my time including board commitments, military service and personal crypto.
  4. I’ll need to be reacquainted with the community. Haven’t been in the thick of it for a while. I don’t plan on rainbow puking and piggy bonking in my current season. But I’ll be there to listen.
  5. I’m based in the Singapore time zone. My CTO is based in the bay area - so while I have time arrangements that make work feasible… I’ve no doubt that it’ll be an inconvenience to peers on the council if they are mainly from the North America time zones.

I feel that for this role to make sense, the role needs significant time. Grants is a heavy lift. After all, dishing out grants is one of the founding purposes of doodlebank. For that reason, I’m discounting myself.

That said…
I’ll always be happy to lend an ear, a hand or a pen to whomever this role (and other roles) end(s) up going to. I’d also be open to a shorter term and discussing expectations if that person ends up being me.

Thanks for reading!


Very happy to see you apply for this role - your name came to mind the moment I first saw the role description.

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If there was ever someone who would be ideal for the council, ayhth is it.

I recognize the time/energy commitment and I’d hope to at least see you on the Community Watch

Been a pleasure to work out the future of Coffee Doods together and I know you’d be a fantastic fit for either council position.

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