[Community Grants Lead Application] Matimio

Name / Pseudonym
Mat Markman / Matimio

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Qualifications / Experience
Over a decade experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of grant programs - from international development and conflict response in Syria, to community grant frameworks and participatory grant-making in web3 and the metaverse.

  • Co-Creator and Fmr. Lead-Operator of Big Green DAO (Coindesk article), a first-of-its kind project to radically reconceive and restructure grant-making and disrupt embedded power structure in philanthropy by putting nonprofits in the driver’s seat. Big Green DAO raised over $6M dollars, distributing $1.8M to 95 organizations in its first year of operation.
  • DAO Facilitation Team Lead for Decentraland DAO, where I contributed significantly to the structural evolution of the DAO’s governance process and was involved with operation and reformation of the DAO’s community Grants program, which distributed over $7M in grants during its first year of operations.
  • Executive Advisor to Ethelo Decisions, a multi-attribute decision-making and participatory grant-making platform that utilizes web3 technology for network governance.
  • Formerly Deputy Director of Programs for a monitoring evaluation and research (MER) firm, supporting US and EU humanitarian assistance and grant programs in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.
  • Across all of these roles I have been involved in the design and implementation of all stages of the grant-making process, including: proposal submission and voting; fund distribution, acceptance and AML/CFT oversight; strategic communications to grantees and externally; grant evaluation and impact monitoring; as well as drafting of RFPs and requirements for grant submissions.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

  • The creator’s economy is central to any metaversal community. Pathways for community members to create their own meaning and livelihoods from a decentralized ecosystem are what set successful projects apart from the rest. Decentraland is a perfect example, where arguably, the Grants program itself could be seen as the most important driver of community engagement and productivity and one of the main reasons why Decentraland continues to have a coherent community, despite challenges that the platform has faced.
  • The Doodles community is an important sanctuary within the web3 space, and between web3 and web2 systems. We have a unique opportunity as a project, a community, and a company to transform how content is created, consumed, and shared - and I feel called to contribute and support the community by helping design a grants process that stewards a culture of care and brings colorful content to the world.
  • I believe that my expertise and experience in the design and operation of decentralized and participatory grant-making systems make me an ideal candidate for this role. The technologies and processes I work with forward community-centric and culture-first approaches. This means grant-making structures that not only support, but empower the community, and build culture so that we can produce the outcomes we seek.

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