[Community Grants Lead] sh0

Name / Pseudonym:

Eyal Toledano / sh0

Twitter Handle:


Discord ID:


Doodle(s) ID(s):

2720, 9279

Qualifications / Experience:

  • 15 years in startups, entrepreneurship, 0 to 1, main toolset in growth, analytics and marketing leadership, full-stack engineer
  • Founded or advised dozens of consumer and B2B projects spanning esports, gaming, social, SaaS, and more
  • Have built and sold both venture funded and bootstrapped startups
  • Participated in pre-seed accelerators and invested/investing through them, including Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups, FounderFuel and others.
  • When not a founder, have been a successful growth advisor to pre-seed, seed, Series A and Series B startups enabling entrepreneurs aged 18-40 to create value propositions, learn how to communicate them, materialize them into products whose solutions answer real challenges in clearly defined market opportunities, and operationalize go to market to grow really big really fast. My record is $0 to $6M ARR in 8 months.
  • Currently operating a solo fund acquiring, operating, growing and flipping SaaS products while enjoying my children’s early years. Fully automated operations and past my fund goals. I’ve got time available while preparing to move on to my next great adventure.
  • Founder, WizzyMinistry – created one of the most recognized sub-communities in the ecosystem by seeking out and assembling 75%+ of all wizard holders to create a brand that engages with consumers and brands and exposes them to the Doodles ecosystem
  • Founder, Triwizzy Tournament – leveraged the wizzy brand to pass the first and only large scale Doodlebank proposal to build and launch the Triwizzy Tournament. Organized, built team, built product and am currently operating the tournament for the community.
  • Core team, Coffee Doods

Why are you running for the Community Council?

  • I’ve been through the 0 to 1 process more times than I can count and have a very clear understanding of the startup puzzle. At a smaller, more micro scale, I believe these insights will enable me to build a grants system for Doodlebank grants that will be efficient and impactful relative the greater Doodlebank goals
  • As a career entrepreneur, I have an implicit understanding of the challenges implied when creating something from scratch, and have the empathy needed to both mentor and amplify the folks who will give their time and energy to bring Doodlebank proposals to life
  • I have a vested interest to see the Doodlebank’s funds be used as wisely, efficiently and creatively as possible, having felt frustrations as a community maker myself, being unclear on what to build and/or having my hands tied when came the time to pass a proposal, which proved a herculean effort. I’d like future generations of Doodlebank proposals to be more straightforward, with a greater chance for success both pre- and post-proposal.
  • I love the Doodles and I’m interested in making Doodlebank a more attractive destination for talented individuals who want to contribute their efforts to amplify the Doodles value proposition through those talents.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):


Couldn’t think of a better person for the role Eyal. Seeing how you have worked on the Tri-Wizzy tournament gave me an inside look into how you operate, and the Community Council would be lucky to have you.


Easy W. Work and track record speaks for itself


Eyal is top notch. We’ve worked on so many things together, and he never ceases to amaze. Pure smarts. Let’s go!


fully support Eyal, W for the doodles community


You would crush this Eyal. Such a good dood and community member


Conquad Conquad Conquad I’ll say it again, would love to have you represent our community


Fully support this application, Eyal is a no brainer imo

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Really appreciate everyone’s support! :pray:


sh0 :goat:

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Eyal! that’s W resume! :fire:

Really impressed by your experience in startups and grateful that you brought us such a great value as Wizzys :magic_wand:

Great respect!


Doodles would be lucky to have you Eyal! I’m constantly amazed by your ability to innovate, pivot, and juggle such a breadth of responsibility - would be so excited to see you on the team <3


Thank you my dood :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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