[Community Rewards Lead Application] Daniel.T

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@DanielVerilog (https://twitter.com/DanielVerilog)

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#2144 #2040

Qualifications / Experience:

Cofounder & Audit Lead of Verilog Solutions

Two years ago, a few friends and I founded the Verilog Solutions security team, specializing in the security field of Web3. Over the past few years, we have experienced and witnessed the rise of many projects that have had a real-world impact.

Verilog Solutions is a full-stack Web3 security firm that covers smart contract security, consensus security, and operational security for Web3 projects. We work with ecosystems such as Ethereum, Celo, Oasis, zkSync, StartNet, Fuel, and the Gnosis Foundation. As individual, I have been deeply involved in the development and early marketing assistance of many of these ecosystems.

As a developer in the industry, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many developers, like myself, love the branding style of Doodles. That’s also why I love my doodles and have done some derivative work on them. Because of my familiarity with technology, I know exactly what kind of collaboration doodles need, how to effectively push a project forward, and how to evaluate each stage of a project’s development. Additionally, having worked with numerous teams, I am also very comfortable working with external teams that are building on top of or building for doodles.

Why are you running for the Community Council?

The reason is simple: I love the culture and style of doodles, and I want to promote/expand/help develop the ecosystem.

Without a doubt, doodles is one of the few high-quality design projects in web3, and personally, doodles suits my personality and style. Similarly, as a member of the community, I hope to be deeply involved in community building and, with my professional knowledge and experience, help teams grow, help the community build consensus, track the progress of partners, and provide technical support. As a seasoned developer, I am familiar with the path of project development, as well as the various project parties and ecosystem teams, and can provide security advice and product design consulting for doodles builders.

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Feel free to book a meeting with me if you have any questions or suggestions:

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