[Community Rewards Lead] ninoulabase

Name / Pseudonym:

Benjamin Mimran / ninoulabase

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Qualifications / Experience:

My professional background is at the crossroads between marketing, product and start-up development for the past 6 years after successfully completing an MSc in Product Management & Business Development at a Top 5 French business school in 2017, as well as a top European coding bootcamp.

  • 6 years of experience as a PM and lead PM in various industries, from cloud gaming to prop tech and eventually web 3.

  • Among other things, my main competences revolve around devising a cohesive product vision & strategy, setting up OKRs, leading product discovery & delivery, and ensuring the companies I’m working for are focusing on PMF beyond anything else.

  • Currently working at Cohort as their first Lead Product Manager, a 1 year old french startup ($3.2M seed completed last month) that aims to reinvent brand loyalty programs and customer engagement by harnessing the power of blockchain and NFTs.

Among our clients : LVMH, Lacoste, Etam and a bunch of other french brands you probably don’t know !

  • Some side projects, such as onboarding Yellowpop - a leader in the neon industry - in Web 3 before striking a partnership for Doodles holders (still available btw !)

Why are you running for the Community Council?

  • I stumbled upon Doodles in October 2021, bought the month after that and never looked back. To put it shortly, this brand resonates with me on so many levels by being at the intersection of creativity, art & technology, 3 topics I’m deeply passionate about.

  • I’ve been engaged within the community since day 1, be it by writing long speculative threads on Twitter (predicted Doodles 2 & Flow a year ago), offering my views in our Discord on a daily basis, going to NFT NYC to meet my fellow holders, and even participating to the creation of the Rainbow Launch (@rainbowlaunch), a community-led initiative designed to leverage ideas from the community to make it through the Doodlebank (basically the first draft of the Community Council).

  • My current IRL job is perfectly aligned with this position : I’m leading the product development of a SaaS that provides NFT-powered loyalty programs for well established brands. I’m in touch on a daily basis with customers in the fashion, sport & entertainment industry to understand their needs and devise the best solution possible to help them reinforce the relationships they have with their own customers.

  • This opportunity is everything I could hope for since I joined Doodles. I want to offer my skills to this community and build along the AAA team we are lucky to have.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

I’ll fully dox only if necessary !


thanks for stepping up!


I always enjoy your thought-out takes on Twitter/Discord and feel you really ‘get’ the team’s vision. Would love to see you get the chance to build on that in a Council role. Good luck!


great application Nino :fire:

Good luck fam :heart:

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Really great application!
I have been listening to you for a long time and I appreciate the interesting and challenging questions and topics you bring to the table :fire:, always to improve the community
Good Luck :slight_smile: