[Community Rewards Lead] Ono

Name / Pseudonym: Ono
Twitter Handle: @not_onogiri
Discord ID: onogiri#1010
Doodle(s) ID: 1883

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Strong understanding of the consumer pipeline, with the skills to strategise and pivot to patch leaks.
  • Onboarding and managing clients/partners (while keeping them happy) ranging from small mom-and-pop shops, to large, multi-billion corporations.
  • Data cruncher (and closet simp for dashboards and slide decks).

Product/Data @ E-Comm Unicorn

  • Company serves over 100m users and 7m partners.
  • Managed new customer products, scraping data on the onboarding funnel and AB testing onboarding strategies for optimal resource allocation. Reduced onboarding costs by 25%.

Co-Founder @ MedTech Startup

  • Built a mobile application delivering cognitive behavioural therapy in a palatable and fun format.
  • Raised 7 figures in product presales; involved in the firm from conception to beta, leading app development and marketing/partnership strategy.
  • Exited (ironically) due to mental health and family issues, learning a hard lesson about managing load.


  • Quantitative trader at a high frequency trading firm (one of US’ major ETF and options traders, with over 1b annual revenue) - demonstrative of ability to work under immense pressure, adapt quickly, and stay sane while managing high dataflow and cashflow.

  • Product manager at an Australian big four bank, managing business banking products - great at keeping stakeholders happy and spreadsheets aesthetic.

  • Sponsored by MBB management consulting firm - can talk and understand corporate, make pretty slides, develop strong interpersonal connections, and learn quick across a breadth of fields.

My Web2 experience has largely centred around understanding clients and their respective objectives, and being able to either execute, or provide strategic recommendations to achieve these goals. I’ve talked to happy and unhappy stakeholders, crunched infinite data, and utilised every wrinkle in my brain to deliver what people want and need, and I can do the same for Doodles.

I’ve been fully immersed (and mildly traumatised) by the NFT space since mid-2021 (including being an OG Dood!) In that time, I’ve made a couple contributions:

  • Club721 Core Team - grew its first 40k Twitter followers and facilitated over 100 partnerships with established NFT and DeFi projects.

  • Speaker at NFTAus, Australia’s largest NFT conference (I spoke about smart contracts and self custody, and I promise there were actually people in the room).

  • Part of the founding group of DAO Under, developing onboarding strategies and structure to curate a tightknit community of creators and builders.

  • Moral support at the Wizzy Ministry (i.e. Eyal’s sidekick).

Why are you running for the Community Council?

To engage the community, they must feel rewarded. It’s essential that we develop a narrative that resonates more strongly with holders, so that there is incentive to remain beyond blind faith and financial motives. My belief is that the DoodleBank will play a huge role in this - strength in projects comes from those creating and contributing to the ecosystem, and the Bank is an incredibly tangible way of making that a reality.

  • As an OG Dood, I’ve been exposed to Doodles for a while, and have ridden all the highs and lows among other members of the community. I have empathy for frustrated holders and want to ensure that the community is able to have productive feedback realised.

  • Being a core member of the Wizzy Ministry, I’ve seen first hand the struggles in engaging the community and the difficulty in building within our ecosystem. I’d like this to change by developing the infrastructure to incentivise holders to engage - be it through social, physical or emotional reward.

  • Greater representation - there are dedicated communities of Doodles holders across Asia-Pacific that largely operate independently. I’d love to be able to assist in representing these groups in an official capacity with the team!

  • To be candid, after putting work on a hiatus a few months ago to reconsider my career and personal options moving forward, this would fill a void in my life. The ideal was to find Web3 projects I genuinely care about to focus on that allowed me to stretch my strategy, product and interpersonal wings - so this is perfect. I have time, passion, and the skillset to excel in this role.

  • And finally; the Doodles brand has incredible potential to proliferate. I love the art and the desire to innovate, and would hate to have missed the opportunity to be a part of building such an iconic brand.

Doodles was my first (and has been my longest) community. I care immensely about the success of the project, and having been through its entire journey, have vast empathy for our holders. I’m grateful for the opportunity to throw my hat in among so many other dedicated and talented individuals, and am excited to play a role in providing value for our community!

~ Ono


A true OG, with passion for the brand. If we could vote you have my vote. Eyes closed ono goodluck miss. Would love to see you get this position :pleading_face:

I think this role would suit you immensely, through the conversations we have had I feel you could bring something special to the rewards role.


Confident, understands what the community wants and needs, there’s not many doodle holders that don’t know you. You’re a special talent and I can only see you progressing further from you in the future.

A significant amount of talent possessed with a great mind that can think outside the box


This may be the most web3 app I’ve seen as evidenced by this quote

and closet simp for dashboards and slide decks).

All qualifications aside, which there are plenty, your sense for what is important to holders and your web3 native style would make you a formidable rewards lead


Great application. Ono got it goin on.
We love ono


Infinite appreciation for you and your support Adam <3

I only tell truths :joy:

We’ve all been in this journey for a while now, I only hope to be able to have a positive impact on the community by making use of some of my skills!

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Always love for Roops :))

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Vote Ono for Community Rewards Lead


Automatic vote for me

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