Community Should Be Rewarded: A Twitter Impact Program

Build a twitter engagement leaderboard that will help amplify community involvement while rewarding the community for their impact. Cost to Doodlebank: 1 ETH. Timeline: 1 day.

An example of what the leaderboard would look like and how it would function can be found here:

The program allows the owner to distribute fun rewards to top performers while maximizing Doodles brand awareness. The rewards could be monetary, Doodle NFTs, or even fun vanity rewards such as special discord roles.

Budget + Timeline
A lot of the development work has already been done as can be seen in the example above. For that reason, only 1 ETH would be required to get one up for Doodles, and it would take 1 day. The 1 ETH would go towards:

  • Engineer time for white-labelling the product with Doodles branding
  • A program manager to monitor and blacklist accounts for spam

Note: Additional budget can be spent towards rewards for the community, although this is not necessary.

This is a great way to keep the community talking and amplify big news events without relying on the main Doodles twitter. It also will help bring the community closer, help community find other members who are actively tweeting about the project, and overall increase brand reach.

Future Considerations
There is currently functionality for manually blacklisting of members, but in the future there can be automated AI powered spam filters for a more seamless program experience.

This is very interesting. Incentivizing Twitter engagement feels like a natural next step for a lot of NFT communities.

What engagement does a platform like this track?

Are there guardrails to prevent gaming the system — i.e. spamming tagging the Doodles account etc. I see it says that people would be removed to the leaderboard, but is that all manual?

It’s currently in beta phase but more advanced spam filters will be implemented using ML/NLP. The way I see this program perhaps having the biggest impact is for amplifying Doodles campaigns/events. It’s something BAYC is really good at… whenever a big event is happening all BAYC members are tweeting about it and spreading the word. The program can track certain keywords/hashtags for this sort of thing.

Re: engagement it tracks RTs, Likes, and comments.

Great questions!