Conducting a pre-season Factions game with Doodles

tl;dr: Factions is a web3 area-of-control game (like the board game RISK) that pits NFT communities against each other in a fun, intellectual, and epic manner. The Factions team would like to engage the Doodles community with a Doodles-only pre-season before launch


  • Help fund the operations and prize pool for a Factions pre-season dedicated to Doodles


  • Things are better now, but during the months of August/September, our community was wrongfully at the butt of CT due to a lack of comms from the Doodles team
  • I know our community is stronger than that and Factions is meant for communities to walk the walk, not just talk the talk
  • Other communities will have their own pre-seasons and engage with the platform prior to the public beta. We’d like Doodles to have the same opportunity, given that Doodles is one of the core Factions represented in the world map

Moving Forward

  • Learn and question what Factions is, why we’re building it, and decide whether it is in line with the Doodles’ community mission (more on Factions below)


  • ~Nov 14 - 21, 2022

Stacks: 8 - 10 ETH to fund 1 DOODLE as prize (everyone will be able to win something - there will be cool technology involved that democratizes the price pool :slight_smile:)

Why are we building Factions?

  • There is immense tribalism within NFT communities that’s channeled into unproductive trashing on CT
  • Blue-chip NFTs just sit and rot in vaults when they are meant to be interoperable
  • Most web3 games flat out aren’t fun. there’s a focus on financialization, Factions will be about entertainment

Factions Gameplay

  • Communities are divided into Factions - either by traits (intra-community) or by NFT collections (inter-community)
  • You must be a holder to play. Your NFT is your player token. Factions will be own-to-play, not mint-to-play
  • Your objective is to conquer, occupy, and defend territory. The game is round-based and you can decide to move to conquer or stay and defend for your Faction. When 2+ Faction members land on the same territory at the end of a round, Battle ensues. There will be RNG involved but having more teammates in your Battle will increase the odds of you winning
  • The game ends after ~20 rounds (~20 minutes). There will be 3 games in a pre-season to cater different timezones. Strategy will be key to victory - targeting and collusion will inevitably occur
  • May the strongest Faction win

Do you have any visuals/game play you can share here?