Conquad - Rewards Lead

Name / Pseudonym: Conrad Riley aka Conquad

Twitter Handle: @Conquant

Discord ID: conquad#1111

Doodle(s) ID(s): 9997


  • Sales and partnerships background in both Web2 and Web3

  • Doodles long term vision aligns with mine for how NFT and Blockchain technology should be utilized by a world class IP house

  • Lithead :fire: :rainbow: :face_vomiting: and proud

Experience: - Community Lead
Sales and Partnerships

  • Utilized Web3 network to promote, pitch and sell security suite for Web3 projects

  • Daily outreach into Web3 network

  • Created pipeline of leads to founding team

  • Secured leads with AAA projects within Web3

PFPWORLD - Social Media Manager
Partnerships/Collaborations, Social Media Advisory

  • Social Media Marketing and the unique means of communication necessary in the fast-paced environment of Web3

  • Guided decision making process of social posting, tone and delivery

The Art Department - Social Media Manager
Partnerships/Collaborations, Advisory, Social Posting, and Twitter Spaces

  • Hosted Weekly Twitter Spaces

  • Excels at Social Media Marketing and the unique means of communication necessary in the fast-paced environment of Web3

  • Arranged and hosted Twitter Spaces, organizing guest speakers and topics of discussion on a weekly schedule

  • Worked closely with artists and projects to hone their social media marketing and presence, with a focus on engagement and growth

Consultancy, Management and Partnerships

  • Represented and advised fine artists within the NFT space, such as Gabe Weis, Wes Henry, Gazelle Dasti, SenatorGreaves and Greg Overton

  • Drove artist sales, facilitated partnerships, growth across social media channels

Partnerships and Community

Served as a consultant to and facilitated partnerships within Web3 with the following entities:

  • Universal Music Group (Kingship)
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Miami NFT Week
  • Decentralized Investment Group
  • Metanoise
  • Futureshape360
  • Status Luxury Group
  • Co-founded the TheMulletDoods - a subcommunity where we are forwardly business facing and party in the back (networking and social events in the pipeline, building proposal for Doodlebank)

General Mills - Retail Sales Representative
Outside and Account Sales

  • Top 200 (30%) in sales performance among General Mills Retail Sales Representatives in the U.S. (Top 3 in Northern California)

  • Managed an account list of 19 Safeway’s and 10 Walmart’s and interacted with buyers, managers and store-level employees on a daily basis

  • Prepared sales presentations and presented information on various product lines, selecting from a client list across the entire company portfolio

  • Served as the Point of Contact (POC) for all Northern California Safeway accounts

Why are you running for the Community Council?

  • Most excited when making high level connections with a strong market and product fit

  • Web3 focused blockchain believer who thinks Web3 and NFT technology will change the world once properly integrated into merchandise, apparel, retail experiences, media and the new verticals that we haven’t even thought of yet. Verticals that only the blockchain can accomplish.

  • Doodles long term vision aligns with mine the most out of any company that has been born from Web3. I love creating connections and making amazing things happen. Can’t think of a project I would be more passionate about pitching than Doodles.

  • Imagining unique rewards that create value that goes to the holders of the OG 10k collection (and possibly beyond) sounds like an incredibly fun and rewarding challenge to undertake together with the community.

My goal is to get creative on the “how”

  • HOW those who held the longest are rewarded

  • HOW specialized offers and access are executed

  • HOW the OG Doodles will actively see more value returned from their participance in the Doodles ecosystem.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):


Conrad. My brother.

The irony is real in the sense that you own a Lit-head dood, because you’re on fire right now - and only continuing to heat up more. “LET HIM COOK!”

Let me just begin by saying that as someone who had the opportunity to hop on calls with you, listen to you on spaces, see you support Doodles through thick and thin, trade Doodles2 Wearables with you, and see you as one of the biggest advocates of those wearables since the absolute beginning. Those are just a couple of examples that show your loyalty and unconditional support for Doodles as a whole.

The fact that we also have mutual friends of people who are constantly working their asses off, really shows that you surround yourself with people who are genuinely building for the entirety of the Web3 space.

Keep pushing. You have my vote.


Appreciate you so much Micah!

You continue to drive Americana to new heights and push the space forward! Your story in web3 is amazing.

The connections created and friends made because of NFT’s and Web3 are always so high quality and positive. You’re a shining example of that.

You the man. You’re always working so hard, Americana wouldn’t be what it is without you!



Conquad superb application, exactly why this process and council is going to thrive and add value top to bottom in the doodles eco/community :fire:


Excited to see you apply! How would you approach rewards in a web3 native way? I think Doodles can be a leader in this space so I am wondering if you have any thoughts!

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Thanks Santan! I did what I could with the formatting. Appreciate your kind words and definitely hope to be able to being my sales and partnerships experience to Doodles. Getting creative on a Doodles rewards program sounds absolutely :fire:

Would be a dream come true and such a fun experience to be able to build alongside my favorite community and project (IP House sounds nicer)

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I would always approach the conversation from an OG Doodle forward perspective and prioritize any potential possible for OG holders.

I think the details of how that comes to fruition would have to be tailored to each partnership and ever evolving. My goal wouldn’t be to find one off brand collabs and small wins but to find the right partnerships that truly fit the Doodles identity and long term goals of building their IP.

To be honest, it might mean moving away from having “Web3 Native” as a talking point, which is what needs to happen eventually for blockchain technology to become ubiquitous.

I’m a degen at heart, so it would always be front of mind when discussing possible rewards scenarios with partnership opportunities to have things center around a Web3 native approach. I’m also super excited about delving into the ideas that don’t have to be Web3 or NFT focused!

All about pushing people to the bottom of the funnel which is OG 10k collection, the gold standard of the Doodles ecosystem

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If we get people like you into the Council, we’re just going to get stronger and stronger. Let’s go conquad!

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You were one of the very first doodles I met and I really excited to see that you applied!
Huge respect fam :heart:

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Thanks Surgeon! I’m certainly excited for the possibility of working alongside Doodles and having a hand in crafting how the brand grows. Appreciate your kind words!

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Thank you Bamboo! Pumped to see what happens next week. Happy we met so early!

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Amazing person ! All my support!!! Glad we met :pray::pray:

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Thanks Nir!! So happy we met as well :fire:

Daymnnnn bro. :fire: :fire: :fire: You brought the heat with this one. Surely the lit heads are proud

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