Coodles Derivative Project (Formal Proposal)

Hello to the Doods! First and foremost, would like to thank this community for even giving this proposal a read and actually hearing us out. The team thought the best and most fair option would be to let the Doodle community know of who we are and what we plan on representing. We are the Coodles, a project inspired by the concept of Doodles and Cool Cats. We absolutely adore the community of the Doodles and we humbly ask to be apart of it while also trying to give back.

The Coodles idea was founded by my fellow friend Joose (gotthejoose), a respected 3D artist in the space who joined the NFT community in March 2021 and me, an observer and admirer of the space, also cryptocurrency trader since 2017. I personally know Joose for 8 years now, we live in the same hometown in Greece, Thessaloniki. Apart from that, Joose partnered up with Frank (FrankPoncelet), another respected artist of the NFT community and experienced Solidity developer. We share the same ideals about the whole concept and technology of NFTs and we plan on sticking around until the end of time.

Our Team
Joose - Artist
Frank - Solidity Dev, Artist
Svandersteene - Web Developer

Our Plans
We share the idea of giving back to givers. Coodles plan on trying to raise the communities of Doodles and Cool Cats with their existence. Our whole idea is structured around that goal!

We want to aspire Doodles and Cool Cats to unite even further after this derivative idea. At the end of the day, NFTs are based on communities uniting for the best of everyone. We love that and will try our absolute best to achieve such a goal.

Helping out the Doods
This is where things get interesting in our opinion. We plan on allocating a big amount of our profits from Coodles for the two communities we were inspired from. In fact, our ultimate goal is raising 130 ETH volume for the purpose of sweeping the Doodle floor, 130 ETH volume for sweeping the Cool Cat floor, then redistribute all acquisitions to Coodle holders through raffles/ giveaways. Suppose minting reaches 100% sales, that is 60% of profits allocated to the two communities. We have a beautiful and funny picture envisioned, the DoodleBot going nuts on Twitter! Frank, who is in charge of creating and deploying our smart contract, will implement a whitelist for all Doodle owners prior to public mint in case you want to support us. After 24 hours of the private sale/ Whitelist sale, a public sale will occur. Also, Frank will make sure that gas fees are reduced significantly during mint which always is a better option than high fees!

Doodle Airdrops
As Coodles, we value Doodles! We reached out to Miki (@mikididthis), no further explanation about him! We are so in love with his creations that we had to offer him a collaboration with the Coodles. The idea is that all Doods that mint a Coodle, will receive an airdrop of a unique 1/1 Miki NFT, animated and created by him. We will make sure this develops to be an amazing animation but I am personally sure that Miki will exceed every expectations we all might have! We also made sure to reward him with 100% of the airdrop’s secondary sales and a payment during our mint. We humbly ask you Doods to consider this airdrop as a thank you by the Coodles. Miki is fully on board with the idea, as long as the community of the Doodles approves our proposal.

Enjoy the situation!

Above all, we want to leave everyone with a smile on their face, minters will get a chance to win Doodle NFTs, Cool Cat NFTs, Doodles will get their floor raised, Cool Cats will get their floor raised, we ourselves would feel at home, knowing the Doods approve this proposal. Either way, we have to thank you immensely for even giving us a read!

The Art
Nick, a good friend of Joose who is an illustrator is in charge of creating the Coodles. Everyone on the team loved his abilities to combine the two styles we implemented and he is working hard along with Joose to provide some cute Coodles! They know each other for a long time while Joose approached him and brought the idea to the table while Nick was never apart of the NFT Art community. I know Joose will try convincing him to join up if Coodles prove to be a successful project and I know for a fact that they are both doing their best for this project.

We would be thrilled if the Doodles gave this effort of a project a look, we understand that the Doodle derivatives coming out are so many but we really see Coodles being a long term effort to make this space better and lift each other up. We have not seen a derivative of Doodles contributing this much on their holders and the collections they were inspired from.

You can learn more about us on our Discord and on our Twitter, you are more than welcome to drop by and say hi!

Coodles Discord

Coodles Twitter

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Personally, I love the artwork so much. Hope this project lifts off !!!