Cool Doodle Cat Deriv. (Updated)

Hello friends!
I made a post in here a few days ago, but after seeing the new “Dear doodle derivative projects” post, I wanted to make a new post. I apologize if this comes off as “spammy”, but I could no longer update mine.

What are Cool Doodle Cats?
A collection of 5,000 cats that are an artistic mix between Cool Cats and Doodles! There are 2,000 whitelist spots (with about 700 still available right now) for a total of 4,000 for presale and 1,000 for public. We have not set a release date as we wanted to chat with the Doodles team first.
Which brings me to… What are we seeking?
We certainly want to show love and get some love by the Doodles community! We would love to be an “unofficial Doodrivative”.

I want touch on the guidelines that were set-
1. Transparency- My name is Lianna, the creator behind this project. Im 23 years old and am a big tech nerd in the cybersecurity field. I spend just about all of my free time learning and partaking in the NFT space. My husband Cody has joined me in helping out with the project as well. While currently we go as Buffy & Binx in the discord (our cats names) , we will provide an “about the team” section on the website.
2. Unique art style - The art is a mix between Cool Cats and Doodles. I wanted to use thick, gritty brush for the cat base to stay similar to cool cats, while using a solid smaller brush for the traits. I essentially want to have a similar vibe to Cool Cats, but with the Doodles style of the eyes off the body and a similar color pattern. My original mockups were pretty much doodles copy & paste when I wanted to get the ball rolling, but I have spent countless hours working on new traits/new styles as you will see in my newer tweets. We would like to stay away from simply copying Doodles traits as I did see feedback on that in the discord.
3. What love will I be showing?- We have been running many whitelist opportunities, and have been doing our best to make it fair and give many people the chance to get on the whitelist. There are 2,000 spots total, so many chances for Doods to make it (and we have seen that to be true!). We also would love to make a contribution to the Doodlebank. We’d love to talk more about that with the team.
4. Brand safety- A huge priority of ours is being respectful to the OG projects. We have done our best to be transparent so far in our intentions and our processes with reaching out. We give full credit to the OG projects and provide links in our discords to them. More on brand safety, we do our best to maintain a happy, safe, and welcoming community that is bot-free. Our discord remains private most of the time to avoid an influx of bots. Our mods are great at quickly removing any suspicious behavior, and we constantly preach about safety tips.

Some things in the Avoid section I want to touch on:
1. Name: We originally were “Cool Doodles”, we changed the name to Cool Doodle Cats, hoping the removal of the s at the end would suffice. We would like to avoid a larger change to avoid any confusion in the community, but obviously the Doodles founders opinions are above all.
2. Objective - We have no intentions to have competing objectives. We have not released an official roadmap, but I know that my main goal will be to support charities.

If there are any further questions, please reach out!
Here is the twitter for reference:

Thank you for your time and consideration :blush:


Interesting proposal!

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Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you so much for taking the Derivative Project guidelines into account. This makes it much easier to understand your project, the ask and any conflicts that we may have.

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Of course! Thanks for checking out my proposal

Just wanted to follow up on this proposal! My community has been eager on knowing any updates.

If there are any questions I can answer or anything I can expand on, please let me know! Would love to work with the Doodles on this and figure out a way that I can best support the doodlebank :blush:

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I’ve been brainstorming ways I can support the doodle community.
Here are two things I would like to propose and I would love to hear some thoughts:

  1. I’m willing to adjust the whitelist on my project and offer 250 spots to verified Doodles holders, as well as 250 to verified Cool Cat owners. I would like to cap the “claiming period” off at a certain date, and if there are any leftover, offer more spots to each community. For example if only 200 Cool Cat spots were claimed, 50 will go to more Doods. Currently, I am offering 2,000 whitelist spots for a total of 4,000/5000 reserved cats. This proposal would leave only 500 for public sale. I am OK with this as I would rather have those involved in the community as holders.

  2. I would like to offer a percentage as a donation to the DoodleBank. I would love to discuss with the team what they feel is a reasonable percentage. I saw in another proposal that a percentage of royalties wouldn’t be the best way to avoid tracking me down for future royalties for years to come, So I am open to an upfront percentage after (hopefully) minting out. Of course, open to discussing what the Doodle team feels is the best course of action.

Thank you :blush:


Lianna, as a member of the community, I appreciate you and Cody taking the time to rewrite the proposal according to the guidelines and also the gesture to donate some of proceeds to the doodle treasury as well as the increased slots to doodlers.

I may not be a member of the Doodles team, but I’m a founder too and I know how incredibly difficult it is to bring projects to fruition. I’ve done startups and failed so I’ve got mad respect for builders and creators like the both of you. I asked myself what would I want to know if I were in your shoes - I would want honest feedback.

Unfortunately, I’m the bearer of bad news.


  1. Several doodlers have expressed that the artwork isn’t the best. I’m mindful that you’re being compared with Cool Cats and Doodles which are in their own stratosphere of quality.

  2. Some comments are snide and lack empathy, but the comments are honest - people don’t seem inspired by the project.

  3. The sentiment seems to be one of distance as opposed to embrace.

I have a few suggestions (these are just my opinions):

  1. Reconsider ‘launching’ yet another PFP / derivative project. Perhaps just a smaller run for community that you’ve gathered. They are your biggest asset and fans at this point. Create with them.
  2. Change the project name by removing ‘Doodle’ and ‘Cool.’ Joining 2 high-profile brands sets you up for comparisons and makes it feel like a knock-off, even though that’s not your intention.
  3. Work on the overall brand experience (such as the artwork, website, banners) and perhaps take time to refine it before surfacing for a launch. It could be done with your community or engaging with other designers and advisors.

Sometimes the right decision is to delay until you have the right product. Unlike software, NFTs are by design meant to be immutable.

How will you know when you’ve got it right? Post a sample pic in #your creations or on twitter and see how doodlers or cool cat owners respond. When people want something, they WILL respond. For a 5000 to 10000 PFP project, 60 yes out of a 100 isn’t good enough. Iterate and improve until it’s 99/100 and your tweets go viral.

I want you guys to succeed and I hope my feedback doesn’t discourage you and your community. :heart:


Hey there,
Thank you for taking the time to reply!
While I admit I was a bit discouraged, it’s not the best to hear that people don’t like the art you have been spending all of your time on and putting your heart into, I took a step back to re-evaluate the community. We’ve built a very nice & supportive community that constantly says they love the art and are excited for launch. I understand there are some Doods who aren’t fans, just as there are people everywhere who aren’t fans of a lot of things. I believe a big issue lies in some people just are not fans of derivatives, and that’s ok!
Even though I’m aware of the great community built around the project as is, I did decide to take action on your advice. I can appreciate the truth in your words, and if there are changes I can make to create a better project, I will do that.
We are in the process of completely rebranding. I’m working with the community on a new name, and am in the process of adjusting the art and removing any traits that are too reflective of doodles.
Thank you again for your reply, and for wording something harsh in probably the nicest way possible.
Hoping our eventual outcome & resurface is one you, doods, cool cats, and many more enjoy :heartpulse:


:heart: :heart: :heart: to the both of you and your community.

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