Cool Doodles Project

Hi Friends!
I recently started a project called Cool Doodles, which is a homage to Cool Cats and of course, Doodles!
I got the ball rolling pretty quickly as this space moves fast, and wasn’t expecting it to gain traction so quickly! We seem to have supporters from both projects so far.
Since I wanted to be respectful to the OG projects, I reached out to the Doodles owner who told me to go through this Doodlebank so that they can properly support the project and get opinions from the community before we continued with the project.

A little about what Cool Doodles would be:
A collection of 5,000 with 2,000 reserved for whitelist. I want to give many whitelist opportunities so that Doodles have a a chance to be whitelisted.
The traits are remixes of popular doodle traits, with many traits being new and unique.

Here is the link to our twitter:

Let me know your thoughts! Open to any opinions/criticism/etc. I would love to work with the Doodles community on this If it is allowed. We would be happy to figure out a way for our project to support the Doodles community, whether it be whitelist opps for doodle members, or a donation to the doodle bank. Again, open to opinions!

Interesting. I think it is treading a very fine line in terms of Intellectual Property. A lot of assets (traits) are exactly the same except flipped. Same colors and line weight and everything.

I personally am not a huge fan of having such varrying lineweights between each peice. I would prefer a bit more continuity.

I’m not really sure where this stands in the eyes of the Doodle Creators. It would probably be best to reach out to them directly.

Thanks for the response!
I have reached out directly and was told that I “should go through the doodle bank/ Our official methods so we can support and run it properly”.
Since I got things rolling very fast, the original previews are mostly doodle traits. You’ll see new traits popping up on the twitter, the aim is to have new/original traits just in the doodle-esque style.