Create a sticker pack for Telegram, whatsapp, iMessage etc

We all use various apps to communicate with our friends and family that are not in the blockchain space. I believe there is an opportunity to spread the brand awareness and allow us to have fun with doodles with a virtual sticker pack. There are 2 main strategies we can go after:

  1. We create static stickers of exactly the doodles that exist (Less resources needed)
  2. We create a animated sticker library that focuses on many different emotions that we can share via the brand of doodles. (More resource intensive)

This proposal should not require too much funding but will allow us to use doodles in our daily life and continuously build the brand without needing to sell something or transact money. Instead we get to transact emotions through animated doodle art.


This makes sense! I find myself using ‘dood holding heart’ emoji in other non-doodle servers :smiley:

Would be good to have someone with experience making & distributing these sticker packs across platforms to comment on the feasibility.

  • Twitter emojis if possible.

Update: Seems like the team is on it already! Expect something :eyes: :eyes:

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So the GIFs is pretty good and allows us to get in a lot of places fast. But stickers on whatsapp seem pretty light weight and are closer to an emoji than a gif.

and it is animated in that smaller sticker box.