DaijuKingz | A Doodles Derivative Proposal

Hi Dood’s!
My name is Mir, but you can call me Mr.#2513. I have the fullest respect for the doodles community and for those who gave me the chance to ask the questions and learn throughout my days in the Doodles Discord, I sincerely thank you. I am currently a college student focusing on digital art and have been struggling to find my ground in what form of art will I take on as a career, it certainly has made me rethink multiple times on my career path, even teaching myself how to code. The freedom in what artists can imagine and create is just insane in the NFT community, and I am deeply in love with it. Enough said about myself though, I have included more details about myself in the pitch deck below!

Pitch Deck URL - Google Slides

The reason why I am writing this proposal is to share my expertise and receive feedback from the community
I wish to share the work I’ve done over the past few days and get constructive feedback from the community, and wish to utilize it as a foundation to build something unique and practical for the doodle holders. Something’s that I’ve discussed extensively with the members of the Doodles discord:

  1. The ability to customize an NFT and effect the NFT’s attributes based on what is equipped.
  2. Expand the idea of lootbox system, and its potential ability to impact a character’s trait and overall ranking points.
  3. Explore projects such as Loot and their potential usage on projects such as Doodles.
  4. Construct a better system for airdrops, allowing airdrops to be applicable for their parent projects.
  5. A Bazaar for the holders to design their own cosmetics and equip those cosmetics (without effecting their attributes)

All the above I have started building and designing. Once I am done, I want to be able to contribute to the Doodles community through these utilities and also begin designing more for the community. Although I do recognize that I am in no way affiliated with the doodles, I will attempt to do all the above on the project I am currently actively working on in hopes to be able to bring it to the Doodle Community someday.

What benefits can I bring to the dood’s?

  1. I will grant a great portion of my first project free minting to the dood’s for them to enjoy all the utility I will bring. I have already coded in a way to allow any active doodle holders to mint for free without the need of a snapshot.
  2. All the utility mentioned above, once finished, I will open source my code for the doodle’s project to use, I am also happy to build for the doodles.
  3. If the project does sell, 50% of all royalties that I make will be directed to the doodlebank.
  4. If there are more that I can offer myself out to learn, I am more than happy to.
  • Transparency
    I dove into NFT’s mainly because of the opportunity to not only design freely, but also to give many artists a path to take on as a career. The key thing I took away being in this community is that many of you have changed the lives of many artists, the same way many of these artists have impacted your lives. As an international college student, I carry quite a bit of loans ($~200K) which is going with me the next 14 years. The thought of it does scare me and sometimes my parents raise the concern that doing digital design just won’t help me make that money back. At the end of the day, I stuck with designing as a major and as a career, and I wish to share what I learned with you all.

  • Closing Remarks
    I thank you all for reading my small proposal~ I am willing to cooperate with the doodles team and contribute to wherever needed. My purpose is to bridge communities, build new products and tools that people can enjoy, and continue to learn to hopefully build a career for myself. Please do let me know where I can improve on!

Some more of my artworks generated:

Hope you all have a wonderful day! And please do leave a :heart: if you like the artwork~
If you wish to support my project, you are more than welcome to leave a follow! :relaxed:



Thanks for putting this together! I had no knowledge of Kaiju Kingz in advance.

My inital reaction to seeing these was “are these some sort of CyberKongz dinosaurs?”. I think my initial reaction as such is that the PFPs you showcase feel more on the Kaiju side and to me not so much on the Doodles side. That might be OK, but to me it doesn’t feel as that much of a “Doodles derivative” because I don’t recognize as much of the Doodles artstyle in the PFPs. Obviously, with the rainbow, I see it, but with the clothing, not so much.

In any case, I wish you luck with your proposal :slight_smile:

Hey @TragedyStruck!

Appreciate you a ton taking the time to reply~ Although I was hoping to incorporate the art style of doodles into the Kaiju’s pixel art, I agree with you on the art’s end that the design perhaps leans more towards the Kaiju’s design more of the Doodle’s Design.

I think my purpose of creating this derivative is to mainly focus on two key things:

  1. Build utility that has been suggested by the doodles community, and if well liked, open-source and build it for the Doodles Team.
  2. Bridge communities in the form of art and expand the reach of doodles to other communities.

That being said this is my first ever generate art that I’ve tried, and to be honest I focused more on the utility that people have spoken a lot about, the airdrop mechanisms that can be improved, and the idea of customizing and impacting the properties of your NFT than the art itself.

I do hope to focus more on the designing aspect though… But I will continue to contribute to the Doodles community wherever possible and do wish that the community can give me the feedback to help me build more meaningful features and learn more about NFT’s.

:bell: A quick update on my progress 12/16/2021 :bell:

  • Finished writing the contract, with several tests to ensure that Doodles and Kaiju holder get a set amount of free mints
  • Figured out a way to change an NFT’s properties (which can impact the overall minting) by burning the token, passing the transaction through the api, api approves that it passes then will update the metadata to allow holders to view the newly customized Daiju. (Also no gas will be used)
  • Drafted a version of the Website, which will be attached below. Website will hopefully go live tomorrow for people to see :star_struck:
  • Explored the ideas of implementing the “Loot” Project and bringing utility to airdrops, more details for this soon.

:desktop_computer: Website Landing Page Design :desktop_computer:

I’ve currently set free mints for doodle holders to 555 once I finish up the contract, all holders should be able to mint for free as long as you hold a doodle (1 doodle for 1 mint). I’m unsure about the regular mint price but I’m thinking 0.0420Ξ.

Please do let me know if you’d like to learn more or see any adjustments made in favor for the doodles community :heart:

:globe_with_meridians: Socials for the project :globe_with_meridians:
Discord - Coming Soon
Website - Coming Soon

Hey @MR1 by now my guess is that you know how the community feels about derivatives and the state of run-of-the-mill PFP projects (they aren’t minting out).

Community is kinda divided on that one with a spectrum of those for and against and it seems the team’s energy is invested into first party releases and high impact projects.

Personally, I try to sniff out who the real builders are and how they are genuine about bringing value. You seem like a hard-working, genuine builder and your art work is clean. Dig the animations too. So whatever you set your talent and energies to, I hope you succeed!

Some questions:

  1. Have you engaged with the Kaiju Kings community and can you share their thoughts (it seems more like a kaiju derivative)?

  2. Did you code the website and minting contracts on your own?

  3. Just a thought: Have you tried applying to the Doodle jobs/ join the team?

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Hi @ayhth,

Really appreciate you taking the time to respond!

I agree with you and standby the community and believe this project isn’t fully unique enough to call it a first party release. However, I do wish to bring an impact for the doodles community through the utilities that I am attempting to build and wish to be able to contribute through the skillsets I have as a designer as well as a developer.

In my proposal above, I did mention that I do wish to open source the utilities I build and even build it for the doodles community if they feel fit. But I hope that I can definitely improve my design to better represent the doodles community. All in all, this is my first time making and learning how to create generative art, and I was extremely happy to be able to generate the layers properly and it was overall an extremely fun process haha.

To answer your questions:

  1. Have you engaged with the Kaiju Kings community and can you share their thoughts (it seems more like a kaiju derivative)?

I have engaged with the KaijuKingz Community and it is definitely very different than the doodles community I got to say. But just like the many communities you and I are in, a lot of them have great enthusiasts/collectors/artists/developers who are willing to engage and make their communities enjoyable. I might not have thought through much and just found their artwork cute and at the same time felt the urge to join the doodles family because the simple and colorful artwork is what I really love. It could’ve been any other project but I just happen to combine them to see how it would look :sweat_smile:, then started diving into the utility aspect of NFTs (since many communities spoke heavily on it) rather than focusing more on the artwork.

  1. Did you code the website and minting contracts on your own?

I coded the frontend/backend of the website and also finished writing the contract a few days ago. I was able to test it earlier today, the web3 integration should be done :woozy_face: I need to hook up minting next while making sure people who hold doodles/Kaiju’s get to claim their Daiju for free (up to 555 at the moment).

There are a ton of resources that are online that could really teach anyone how to build their own generative art project and also bring utility. Here is one that I really enjoyed learning from:
Crypto Zombies - Solidity Tutorial

  1. Just a thought: Have you tried applying to the Doodle jobs/ join the team?

I haven’t actually tried because I actually didn’t know the Doodle team was hiring. But if I were to apply I want to make sure that the team is satisfied working with me and have my time when they need me. And while I am still in school, it will be hard to give my 100% and don’t wish to let anyone down. I do wish to apply to join the team if I have more free time outside of school though, but in the meantime will continue to contribute wherever I can freely!

Thank you once again!