Darkdoodles - The darkmode of doodleverse

Hello Doodles!

I wanted to show my new kind of idea off the current doodle-darkmode trend. Welcome to Doodles Darkmode. This project is a mutant version of the doodles, scientists decided to create a serum for the doodles to reduce colorless, using the serum on your doodle which give you a second doodle, the DarkDoodle. The main concept isn’t my idea, just thought it could be a cool idea, inspired by Doodle Bandit himself!

Doodle DarkSerum

Using dark-tones on each layer, expect bg & face the doodle turns dark. Since I use only the vector files of the doodles the quality is 1/1 and via script easily changeable, this way a lot of doodles can be transformed via serum, maybe on a website. The website could easily be developed by myself, with a simple verification of holder and a converter to the dark-version doodle.


Please let me know your feedback below, this is only a small concept I’ve been working on. The main concept I guess was inspired by someone called Doodle Bandit, but if you want your own DarkDoodle be sure to message me via discord or twitter @aatwts.

Love y’all, love the doodles!


I love the idea, I’ve seen some better examples on Discord I believe, but I love the concept.

I like the idea, but I’m not sure if it has a potential to blow on OS or not


i like the concept! believe the art should be more refined, but dark mode doodles would be sick!

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I also really like the DarkDoodles and just seen your suggestion on the Discord to develop a website where you will have to login via your wallet, and you get as an output the dark doodle version. Fully in support of this!!


This is Doodle Bandit’s work and brainchild. If anything related to dark mode doodles is offered to doodlebank it should be from him.

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I like the idea but have two concerns:

  1. Do we need to call it “serum”? This feels like a direct copy of BAYC/MAYC.
  2. Do we have concerns about brand dilution? Obviously anyone can do this on their own but if we make it “official” does it take away from our original Doodles?

Cool idea. Doodles fighting their inner demons. Yin and Yang of the Doodleverse

This can be built pretty easily. If you have the doodle layers recolor with black. U can create all the PNGs from the doodle team, and u can login and download it. This is the non (NFT) route. I do believe it is some slight brand dilution.

Great concept, and thanks for putting together the mock-up!

I’ll definitely take you up on getting my very own DarkDoodle :grinning:

In terms of overall timing, I feel like this would make a good year 2 project, after we’ve spent more time building out the core brand collection and value. My sense is there’s better allocated resources to spread our colorful original Doodles before going down the dark side — pun intended!

Again, well done.


this seems like the way to go

I like the concept and want to learn more

Love the concept, but would love to see more designs or plays on grayscale. Darkmode need not be so monotone. Keep up the good work and would love to see an iterative version