Dear Doodle derivative projects: guidelines for your consideration

We appreciate when new NFT projects respect and want to show love to the Doodles community.

Here are some guidelines to consider before submitting your project to Doodlebank:

Please share what you’re seeking

  1. ‘We want to show love and get some love by the community’ - The Doodles team would like to speak with you after an initial discussion here. Thereafter, Doodlers will vote on whether you are an ‘Unofficial Doodrivative.’ A badge your project can wear with pride.
  2. ‘We would like financial support’ - please reference the Doodle vision 1.0 guidelines in preparing your proposal.
  3. ‘We would like share our work & get feedback from the community’ - you’re at the right place.
  4. ‘We would like to have an official collaboration’ - please reference the Doodle vision 1.0 guidelines in preparing your proposal.

Guidelines for your project

  1. Transparency - a doxxed team, transparent and provable methods in your mint process.
  2. Unique art style - while we recognize this is subjective, it’ll be what the majority of the community feels.
  3. What is the love you’d be showing? a.k.a. benefits to doodlers.
  4. Brand safety - don’t be naughtier than Doodles.


  1. Incorporating the use of the name ‘Doodles’ or ‘Doods’ in your project’s name.
  2. Competing objectives - the community’s intentions and aspirations are laid bare on Doodlebank. Please respect that.
  3. Implying that you’re being supported by the Doodles team or the community before the fact.
  4. Shilling your project here.
  5. Using forum threads and replies as means of whitelisting or any form of campaign marketing.

Please share the relevant links (if any) when you’re introducing the project.
Discord, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

With love, @Poopie @Bitty @Avenge @ayhth and the Doodles community.


would make sense to pin this post


Perhaps add something about derivatives not having whitelist/presale criteria that force involvement on this forum? To me this seems to drive repetitive content with lower quality and perhaps some ulterior motives for the feedback. Sort of shill by proxy.


Fair point. I think we should also find out how to restrict posting to Doodlers. Love the irony in your PFP btw! My #7774 twin.


All things make sense. In terms of branding, we need to be careful for derivative projects.

Totally understandable points. We just submitted a proposal!

I like this alot and think that the “unofficial doodrivative” badge is a great idea. this way it gives doodles a simple way to answer confused people that assume said derivative is a doodles 1st party release. i also think adding a category in discord (possibly replacing the existing noodles page) that has general info on unofficial doodrivatives would be a quick and easy way to educate newcomers as we’ve seen an influx of confused people coming into the discord, all of which are being told slightly different variations depending on who is relaying the info. I would like to find a healthy way to keep derivatives flowing through the doodlebank as its a great source of revenue aswell as adding value to holders via WL.

Please do not submit your derivative projects to Doodlebank as there will no longer be considerations for supporting Doodle derivatives. Reasons provided above.

All the best!

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