DegenDePraga - Coomunity Chair Application

Dear Doodles,

after pondering the application for some time, I have decided I’ll give it a try. Why have I hesitated? I do believe I have the experience for this job, but I haven’t been active in Doodles community as much as other applicants… I follow Doodles, I read announcements, I love what Doodles are doing but I haven’t created many personal bonds in the community which, understandably, could be considered a hindrance. However, I’ll try to convince you it may not be such a disadvantage.

Name / Pseudonym:
Milan Brlik / DegenDePraga

Twitter Handle:

Discord ID:
DegenDePraga | PA#9291

Doodle(s) ID(s):
Doodle #113

Qualifications / Experience:

MSc. Urban Regeneration

BA Geography (Urban Planning)

Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic | 2003 - 2006
BA Geography & Biology


Prague Institute of Planning and Development | 2015 – now
Head of Participatory Planning

Leverage Partnership (London, UK) | 2011 – 2015
Senior Recruitment Consultant / Team Lead

… and a range of business gigs | 2011 – now


After gaining 5 years of experience in the tough international business environment of the energy sector as a headhunter, I returned to my passion in urban planning. For the past 8 years, I have been the Head of Participatory Planning for the City of Prague, leading and executing large revitalisation planning projects and implementing city-wide participatory planning programmes involving citizens, developers, municipal and state institutions. I design, implement and execute large-scale participatory planning projects as well as city-wide strategic programmes using data-based and user-centered approach to city development.

My goal now is to transition my experience in strategic planning and participatory governance design to the Web3 space, providing services for NFT collections, DAOs, and other Web3 organisations. I am deeply interested in crypto and NFTs, and I firmly believe that NFT and DAO communities have a bright future, with their ability to activate the social capital of the community to achieve shared goals. My mission is to prove this concept and help make it happen, using the methods I have learned in urban planning: participatory and strategic planning and governance design.

I have already created a governance design for our Midnight DAO (Psychedelics Anonymous holder DAO) and am advising Roo Troop (Morgan Stone) in community-mapping exercise.

In terms of management experience, I lead a team of ca 20 people with dozens of suppliers that help us get things done and delivered.

Why are you running for the Community Council?
I see a huge potential in Doodles. It seems like Doodles as a company are doing everything right in terms of brand building and IP utilisation, but the whoe project is held back by poor community involvement. I do think that the recent changes in Doodle Bank governance as well as more hands-on contact of the C-suite with the community could provide a great base for reviving the community enthusiasm, but it all needs to be managed properly.

To describe my approach, I would summarise it in 3 steps:

    We would start with data collection about holders - using interviews, surveys and good old community interaction, I would create a map of our community with focus on demographics, mapping people’s motivations, expectations, perceived fears and opportunities. We also need to map out our skill base and motivation to dedicate people’s time towards Doodles as a common project - what skills do we have among our community and how motivated people are to share their time and know-how. We also need to identify leaders - not only the well-known ones, but also silent, potential leaders.

    Using a range of participatory planning events (online and IRL workshops, discussions, forums, etc.) we should aim to create a community strategic plan (in line and within limits set by Doodles leadership). This could take quite some time but it will pay off on the future - it’s not only about the strategic plan itself, but about the shared process of co-creation. By holders actively taking part in the strategic co-creation process, they get to know each other and create social bonds that will later transform in something that’s called “social capital” embodied in the shared experience of working together. This can later be transformed into real businesses and collabs between individual holders between each other and with Doodles Inc. in the following 3rd phase …

    Once we have concluded the planning process, we can deifne our action plan (what are we going to do to fulfill the strategy) coupled with a fitting governance model that will help execute the strategy. This is something to be discussed and prepared alongside participatory strategic planning and properly designed once the strategy is done and dusted.

I can lead and coach you through the whole process as I have done this many times IRL.

In case I am not selected, I would be glad to help the council in any way you will seem fit.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):