DoctaJTB - Community Council Application (Events)

Greetings fellow Doodlers,

Here is all my relevant information below and let me know if you have any questions:

Name / Pseudonym: Josh / DoctaJTB

Twitter Handle: @DoctaJTB

Discord ID: DoctaJTB#7744

Doodles IDs (3 total): 9225, 8060, and 1255

Qualifications / Experience: My professional events background is quite extensive in the past 7 years so I’ll try to cover all of it as succinctly as possible. In 2016, I helped open Topgolf Las Vegas as one of the leading events sales managers. During this time, I planned events ranging from as small as 17 person parties up to as large as 3,000 person corporate events. Not only functioning in a sales role, I also led most BEO (banquet event order) meetings, which involved the operations team as well, to ensure the venue, client, and on-site staff were all on the same page for the various events. The budget for these events typically ranged between $1,700-$650,000 and in total, I oversaw approximately 1,200 events from 2016-2019.

In 2019, the opportunity to open another massive events venue came up and I took the role of Senior Sales & Events Manager at AREA15, also based in Las Vegas. I originated the entire event sales, operations, and partnerships structure in that role. Complete oversight of all P&L reports for both public and private events. This role allowed me to throw an array of high-scale public events, ranging up to 15,000 people in total, including the likes of the iHeart Music Festival Daytime Stage and even Cardi B’s 28th Birthday (that was certainly fun to plan as it involved actual camels and during the height of COVID restrictions).

I had to move away from Las Vegas to South Florida in mid-2021, which is where I still am. As a result, I took a position with Informa, the biggest events / conferences company in the world. Given my previous positions above, this put me on the client side instead of the venue side, which Informa wanted me particularly for since I was able to negotiate on their behalf knowing how the venues think and specifically what items I could negotiate on to get them the best deals. One conference in particular, GAIM Ops, also implemented its first ever crypto sessions thanks to my pushing.

Lastly, about 9 months ago, the wonderful opportunity to help lead Fox’s (yes, the TV network) Web3 strategies presented itself and I took the role as lead project manager. Aside from typical duties involving running an NFT project, we do host a number of small private events for holders of certain projects. I have assisted in the venue sourcing and planning of those events. I am still in this role and love it!

Why are you running for the Community Council? I am somewhat new to the community, buying my first Doodle about 3 months ago. I have hopped on a few community hosted Twitter Spaces and enjoyed the conversations which ultimately led to me buying in the first place. Having spoken with some members of the team and understanding their vision, I would love to be a part in making that vision come to life as soon as possible. I’ve seen the community battle through the recent market conditions and it would be very rewarding to contribute in Doodles inevitable taking over of the Web3 space as innovative leaders.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.): N/A