DOODCHELA - The Annual Doodle Festival of Vibes

So as you guys know, we like the doodles
and so do some prominent artists such as these current doodlers:

  • Cozomo De Medici (arguably snoop dogg if not definitely connected)
  • Kygo
  • Timmy Trumpet
  • Steve Aoki
  • Some dude in Chainsmokers

And possibly more in the future…

I propose we have a Doodle Festival, a DOODCHELA or Rolling Doodles or DOODFEST with all the doodle artists and the doodlers as the fans
with a unique holder count of 5200 currently… that would be a decent sized concert

This can also be done in a metaverse sense (if we had land in sanbox/decentraland or conducting it on a close friend/affiliates land or renting out a concert space)
But I think in person would be way more dope.

If we want to turn it into marketing we could open it up to public and charge for tickets/merch etc all proceeds could be going to doodlebank and it would be a huge publicity stunt of its own.
Could even be an annual thing

Also could attract other big names in the music industry to own a doodle and be part of the vibe

yeah just a thought I had to put out to the doodlebank before it slipped my mind, this can be expanded on alot