Doodle AR Facial Effects (Zoom Calls, Podcasts, Social Media, etc)

I’d like to propose funding a new product and feature in the form of AR Facial effects for all relevant video and video communication platforms.


AR Facial tracking that animates your doodle NFT within your desired video platform - compatible with zoom, instagram, youtube, etc other accommodating platforms.

I believe the best marketing comes internally from doodle holders. We should be equipping the content creators in here with the tools they need. By showcasing your doodles on video platforms, we could quickly expand to podcasts, other social media platforms, and nft work meetings.

High quality content tools showcase the practical use cases of owning one of the most premier PFPs. It’s important for people to understand the impact of a doodle can go well beyond twitter and discord pictures.

As a personal use case, I take a lot of meetings where I would like to maintain my NFT identity. Being able to talk through my doodle would be incredibly helpful.

Timeline: TBD

Budget: Best guess is racks

Other thoughts:
RTFKT is integrating this feature for their avatars:

I am not an expert in AR technology and probably not the right person to lead this effort. If anyone is more knowledgeable on this topic and wants to take charge, I am happy to lend support in anyway I can.

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Cool idea. I was about to mention RTFKT and then I saw it in your post.

While I love the novelty of it, I had the same reaction when i saw RTFKT’s :
Would I use it? Yes, once.
Would I use it often? I don’t think so.

In what context do I imagine others to use it?
Work: Probably not.
YouTube channels: potentially but still a novelty.
Events: Possible but niche.
If Discord / Twitter spaces were mainly video: The killer-use case is anonymous video chat whereby you can still connect with like-minded folks without using your real face.
Metaverse: Yes, but that’s a far away.

Perhaps this needs to follow another initiative that makes Doodles more mainstream or something else must be true for this to take off.

Potentially simpler implementations are snapchat,reels or tiktok filters. This fulfils the novelty + marketing outreach function and we develop it with short-term ROI in mind with not more than 2 focused platforms. These have the face tracking kits necessary so that Doodles focuses on the asset creation.

Thank you for proposing!


I appreciate your feedback!

I think the two main use cases here are:

Content Creators: Podcasters, streamers, influencers, and musicians could all benefit from incorporating their doodle into their brand. This helps attract other doodle holders to their content and brings their fans into doodles.

Anon Web 3 builders/contractors: From my personal observation, many independent contractors within DAOs like to stay anon in work environments. By leveraging your PFP, this helps build your reputation and lets other DAOs familiarize themselves with your work.

Ultimately, we want to increase the stickiness of choosing a Doodle as a forever PFP. A big part of that is community, but also the utility behind it. Offering more content tools like AR facial effects would allow to retain some of the most important individuals within the space: Content Creators and Builders.

On Novelty
I agree that if you don’t fit into those two categories, then these features are really just a novelty and probably not applicable. You might use it once for fun and be done with it. And while it’ll be fun to play with, the real goal here is attract high quality holders that will increase exposure to the brand. Snapchat, reels, and tiktok filters would be a good place to start as a mvp.

This is definitely out of my wheelhouse but from a software dev perspective, coming up with anything that is not a vertical slice prototype is going to require a budget of duffel bags.

As a personal use case, I take a lot of meetings where I would like to maintain my NFT identity. Being able to talk through my doodle would be incredibly helpful.

In personal calls I’m taking, people are using NFTs as their background. If the goal is to let Doodlers express themselves when talking to others, maybe we can achieve that cheaply by providing a set of cool backgrounds (designed by Burnt Toast) with your Doodle framed somewhere

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I have a great deal of experience in scoping, directing, and delivering high quality AR filters for instagram, tiktok, snapchat, etc.

The process of going from ART → Filter isn’t a hard process.

We could do something really high quality that has a web3 integration of pulling your doodle with a duffel bags budget.

Seeing the level of care put into this space by rtfkt - maybe a better strategy would be an official partnership.

Would you all be interested in tabling internal development / scoping and put into the partnership pipeline?

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This is cool, and the domain doodles.AR is currently still available!