Doodle Banner Maker

Doodle Banner Maker


Doodle Banner Maker is a fun and easy way to display Doodles on your Discord, Twitter and OpenSea profile Banner.


A tool where Doodler’s can choose a background image and place their Doodle on the canvas to create a banner/background to be shared or used as twitter/discord/open sea background.

References (*copy paste pics from the internet, real version will be a lot cooler):

Temp Site

Rough Banner Mock Up

The Background:

  • There is a list of pre-set images to be used as a background with multiple sizes.
  • The image needs to be resized to a width compatible with the tool. However, it will keep the aspect ratio.
  • The user can insert a hexadecimal color to set in the border. It will be the Doodles’ border inside the canvas.
  • An extensible code to add new background images easily into the Github repo.

The Doodles:

  • The tool will have an input to add up to 5 (Maybe More) Doodle Ids from any wallet
  • After choosing it, the user can drag-drop the Doodle to the background
  • Doodle added can be resized and rotated

The Banner:

  • The user will have an option to choose the social media and background to be used in the banner. They are Discord background ratio(16:9 1920x1080), Twitter background ratio (3:1 1500x500), Open Sea background ratio (1400x400)
  • User finalize and have a button to open in a new window to save/download the image


  • Stack: React and chakra-UI design system for frontend
    • If the backend is necessary, I’ll try to make it works first on the job runner, secondly on lambda or in the last case using node.js running in a server.
  • Repository: Github + Github Actions for deployment
  • Database: it’s not necessary
  • Mobile: some features can be disabled or replaced for another way to work on it, once it’s hard to have things like drag-drop on a mobile device. It will be checked in development time and can be discussed with the DAO.
  • Infrastructure:
    • Static files: Google Cloud or what the DAO prefers.
    • Web3: Infura API or IPFS key may be necessary to access IPFS images (not 100% sure, I’ll try use without a key, we need to be careful about rate limit)
    • Metrics: If the DAO wants to have google analytics to have data about the website usage and/or NewRelic to have data about crashes, bugs and application performance


  • 2-4 Weeks


  • Stacks - 10E for coding, front end and deployment.


  • Arod - An experience web developer from Brazil, Arod has spent the last decade plus working in advertising, fin tech and product marketing. Now fully focused to Web3, Arod independently developed a wonderful tool that was embraced by the community for use in the Arihz Panels competition. Contest Panel - Blocks board by Arod

  • Joshua Fisher - Day 1 Doodler, SharkDAO member, and creative manager, Josh spends his time helping bring creative ideas to life.

Stretch Goals:

These features are not included in the package and can be built on according to Arod availability. They are bonus features that Joshua and Arod discussed in brainstorm ideas, but it’s out of the principal scope as they can add more complexity and spend more time than can be estimated before starting the project.

  • A way for the website administrator to include more background images or to the users choose one from their computers (can be used for bad things too, as negative images)
  • Choose the media after editing and add the crop with the proper aspect ratio to select which part of the banner will be cut.
  • Doodles are being loaded from the user wallet.
  • Filter on the Doodles from the wallet according to properties.

Additional Notes:

  • Arod will deliver all the code and access to the DAO responsibility after being approved by them.
  • DAO needs to provide hosting infrastructure and tools used to facilitate the migration of ownership, or the DAO needs to give Arod access to use their infastructure from the start of this project.
  • Arod can charge any new feature out of the scope due to its complexity.
  • Arod has the right to market this tool as built by Arod (included some signature on the website, place chosen by DAO).
  • Arod has the right to make deals with other DAOs to sell/offer or make a public tool for the community with the same or new features.

I like the idea and potential functionality, but I think I’m finding 10ETH slightly excessive.


Thanks for the feedback. Happy to discuss any concerns. Would you mind expanding on why you feel that way?

I’m afraid my answer isn’t going to be all that great, but it comes down to a “ballpark feeling” from being a developer and my skimming of your plans and timeframe. I’d love to see some more feedback on it though, as that is just my top of my head feeling. I still think what you are proposing is would be a great contribution to the Doodles ecosystem and would help promote it.

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback and always happy to discuss any concerns with the community.

I more or less agree with @TragedyStruck here. I like the concept! Think it’s really cool and could provide a bit of additional utility to Doodle lovers.

However, 10eth is roughly $50k. If you worked 24 hours a day for 4 weeks, your pay rate would still be nearly $75/hr.

More realistic 8 hours a day and assuming it takes the full 4 weeks, comes out to about $223/hr. Assuming you finish in two weeks at 8 hours a day, that $223 number is doubled to $446/hr.

Are there any upfront costs that I’m missing and not taking into account?

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Thanks for your breakdown. I hear your concerns. As a producer (I mainly help creative and technical people get things done) it’s my goal to create space for passionate and talented people to do fun and interesting things. When talking to Arod we both agreed that this was something we would be willing to dedicate our time and energy towards and 10E (1E = 1E) was a fair price. If the community decides that this isn’t something it wants we’re both ok with that.

A few thoughts: As we explore decentralized decisions and creations I’m constantly challenged and appreciate the opportunity to think through these new ways of creating and sharing the burden of creativity as well as the benefits.

Is it possible to think beyond lowest common denominator value per hour pricing when thinking about community lead creative initiatives? Does per/hour pricing harm or benefit the most talented and fastest workers? Does it inspire creatives to want to drop what they’re doing and dedicate themselves towards our cause? Does it value the ideation and thought work it takes to develop simple and effective projects?

It’s my experience that creating great things takes passion, time, energy and creativity that can be hard to directly quantify through that method. I see the opportunity to change the conversation around shared responsibility and rewards and would like to challenge us all to think about ways to create an environment that encourages action and rewards passion, and that values the entire process of creation from ideation to implementation.

With that said I think this community is headed in the right direction in all of these places and look forward to learning and growing together.

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Echoing earlier comments even if it did cost 10ETH to build, I’m not sure it solves a big enough pain point for the community or organically creates enough value for that investment. So the ROI is the problem not the cost. Folks can easily create their own banners or reuse existing ones, many won’t want to use one at all (myself included). Just my two cents.


Just want to clarify that my ‘per/hour pricing’ that I calculated wasn’t meant to spark a conversation about whether it’s good or not to use as a means of setting a price for a project! I agree with many of the points that you made.

My intention was more to shine a light on why some of the community members (myself included) might be a bit hesitant to think 10Eth is a fair ask for the amount of work required and the value-add of the final product. At the end of the day, 1E=1E isn’t really a valid argument in my eyes when 1E directly correlates to a real $$ value.

Referencing the recent Team scaling proposal v1 that’s being voted on now:

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but my understanding is that the listed roles will be 6-months long, and the total budget is 90Eth for all roles. I see 6 total roles listed, and I know there’s at least 5 moderators in Discord. Round that out to an even 10 people, and the average pay for a 6 month contract is 9Eth.
Again want to clarify this point: That’s not to say that some skills and/or roles shouldn’t be valued higher than others, but just another thing to consider when trying to put a price on your time & product.


Thanks for sharing this @JoshuaFisher .

If I may be honest, there are several free-to-use cloud-based software that already does this? For example: Generally it’s good to avoid reinventing the wheel if something can be good enough to use, even if there’s some friction.

Perhaps what’s missing is just a set of banner backgrounds that doodlers can use. e.g. Sky, Fire, Doodleland, gradients.

You guys have mad skills for dev and I think it can go towards building something else for Doodleworld!


Speaking as dev and measuring the contribution and method of proposal here, 10 ETH is mighty high for a piece of technology that should take approximately two hours and no running cost beyond maybe $10/month and that’s if you don’t use something with object permanence which would be a super easy route to do this all through.

Additionally, banner tools do exist and echoing what many others have said here, there is no point in reinventing the wheel when something already exists, immediately offers ROI because it’s not so insanely priced and doesn’t have to deal with maintenance or uptime.

This proposal is extremely appealing at 1 ETH though. This is good work and a cool idea, but it’s a afternoon beer idea rather than a $50k product.

This is a great idea for the community but I’m not sure there is enough demand/roi to justify an entire app for doodle banners. Especially with the requested budget.

We can accomplish the same thing using a tool like Figma. We simply create a few banner templates that are public and anyone can go in an add their doodles. This would be very easy to set up.

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Thank you everyone for your thoughts and feedback, I think it might be worth giving this some context here. I’ve was invited to the Doodle discord early Aug and loved the art and have a lot of respect for the team. As the project rolled out I continued my journey down the Web3 rabbit hole, primarily with SharkDAO. When we got invited to the Panels contest it was fun but hard to figure out which Tiles belonged to which DAO’s and how they would look together. We were making Spreadsheets, screen capturing tiles, etc but it was hard work and not that fun. Then Arod made his tool and it was so easy, so seamless and fun that it inspired myself and suddenly a lot of other members to start playing with designs. The experience made the creation easier, more fun and more rewarding.

That’s what I’m hoping for here, something that inspires Doodle to create Banners easily in a seamless way, something that I’ve wanted for a few months. While I understand that tools like Canvas, Figma and Photoshop can technically be used to create banners it’s not something fun and you have to be technically savvy and it’s going to take a lot of time. I don’t think Doodles would be motivated to play and that’s my goal. Want to see what an all Wizard Banner looks like? Cool, select Wizards. Not feeling that? Want Heart Eyes instead? Not feeling it, try something else. How long would asset collection and placement like that take in Canvas? Or Photoshop? With the Banner Maker that would be a 2, maybe 3 min process and you would have Banners sized for all the networks.

Ultimately, this was just something I wanted and felt confident that Arod could deliver based off the work from Panels. We understand the cost feels too high and unfortunately for us based on current commitments, customizations, time and effort we don’t feel we can move forward. However we are open to and challenge the other devs who have commented to come in and take this project over. I would love to see it happen!

Regardless I really hope the community comes together and builds fun and easy projects like this alongside the major roadmap items we’re addressing.

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Thank you @JoshuaFisher and Arod for putting out this idea. It certainly sparked off a discussion with some for and some hesistant about it. If anything, at least the discussion motivated the community to come up with alternative solutions to solve banner-making. Please keep bringing the ideas and your feedback to Doodlebank!