Doodle clothing Store

First issuance Doodle Clothing Store, I’d like the items to be a bit higher end. I believe this should cost 3 Eth or less to set up.

Doodle high quality patches.
Patched Trucker hats.
Polo’s with Doodle as icon on the chest.
Hoody with small logo on the front, and big logo on back.
Big Doodle A frame shirt.

Vote on which 3-5 Doodles to launch the store with.


depends what you mean by “set up”. what you just described could end up costing a lot more than 3 ETH up front, especially if the items are to be “a bit higher end”. server costs for the website, development cost of the website, paying designers (even if it’s a quick design they still have to get paid), getting payments set up, cost of materials, cost of printing, etc.

costs can be decreased and time sped up by outsourcing a lot of this to printers like Printful, but they take a big chunk of the revenue and quality might be sacrificed.

just my 2c

edit: seems this is in the works behind the scenes

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Doodle bag packs will pop!

Just here to say I’ve set up Shopify plus stores that grossed over $1M annually and worked at a SaaS ecom shipping company so if this idea grows legs, I can def provide guidance and help.

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love what BAYC is doing with the exclusive premium merch. would be great to see doodles one up them in this area.


I would really like doodle to set up a doodle store. With merch only avalable for doodle hodlers