Doodle editor and staking system

Hey Doods,

I would like to propose the idea of creating a beautiful doodle editor page. You would stake your doodle to earn a certain amount of doodle coins a day and with these coins, you can purchase new burnt toast created attributes that you can add to your doodle. Only new attributes as to not lower the value of any current rare attributes.

These new attributes could have a launch day and have limited quantities.

This would give value to a community coin and would give an opportunity for doodle owners with more floor-level doodles to upgrade. I don’t see this in any way lowering the value of current rare doodles because they will always have original rare attributes, if anything they would still have the same opportunity to increase the value of their doodle even more. If we have learnt anything from games like Fortnite it is that people love to customize their character. Billion Dollar market. Owners could hold multiple attributes and change them for seasonal purposes as well as sell these attributes to other doodle holders in an aftermarket.

  1. staking doodles creates more scarcity on Opensea creating more demand and value
  2. gives people more incentive to hold on to their doodle
  3. Gives long term doodle holders with floor levels attributes opportunities to upgrade their doodle by earning a token per day
  4. Nothing more fun than being able to make your doodle more you
  5. Being able to change your doodle depending on the season makes it feel like your one nft is many

Very open to constructive criticism. I’m sure there are many waves to improve on this idea and fine-tune it to make the most sense.

Some ideas

  • Could offer a raffle system for some of these rare new attributes that you pay for with your coins
  • Could go along with a doodle game so you can customize your character

Ideas for new doodle attributes

  • cool new backgrounds
  • new hat
  • new hairstyle etc….

This could open doors for potential collabs if that was of interest to the community.

Thanks for reading



Personally, I am against the idea of token and staking for doodles - every project is doing this and 99% of tokens out there are crashing, and opensea is banning a few of these projects, making some of them flop and some others projects feel FUD and are stuck

Thanks for your submission, let’s hear other opinions

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I definitely agree with you about the token staking. I am more interested in the doodle editor part of my idea and if that involves new limited characteristics that are dropped on an anticipated day and you buy them with eth that would be cool with me. Just think it would be cool to make your doodle, even more your own character just like millions of people do in games like Fortnite.

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LOOOVE this idea. Totally love it. More utility to owning a doodle without having to pay more eth is awesome.

Hey thanks! I’m not sure how I feel about staking for a coin but I really think being able to see more burnt toast doodle art that results in us being able to edit and customize our doodles would be pretty darn cool. Also giving doodle holders with lower-level doodles to make them more valuable by buying new limited attributes for your nft would be awesome i think.

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  1. would love to get some more thoughts and ideas on my proposal. I am definitely leaning away from a staking system because i agree with that method being pretty gross. But I still feel very strongly about being able to purchase new characteristics on drop days for Eth and use them to edit your doodle and make it more valuable and more your own. I think this is going to be a big feature in new nft projects and would like to be an early adopter. People love being able to make there character even cooler and more their own in games like Fortnite so why not your profile picture nft, its a billion dollar market in games like fortnite so the demand is apparent.

Hey bro, thought I’d jump into this and stir the discussion pot a little bit :slight_smile:

If modifying the original NFT (i.e. burn and get a new one) to have new traits:
I think there will be a fair bit of resistance to this from the community. There’s something about preserving the original 10k that’s unspoken.


  • Perhaps a way to improve value and have some fun customizing is to have an official doodleworld scene generator where you can pair your dood with i) background ii) doodle items iii) accessories iv) animated traits.

  • i) to iv) can be NFTs a part of a new ‘doodleworld/verse-official’ collection.

  • The scene itself is just a jpeg or gif you can right-click and save.

  • Value increases for the doodler when they sell their dood as an OS bundle with those traits. When visit the scene generator with those traits, they can save the original composition or rearrange it to their like, adding or removing traits.