Doodle Exchanger


  • A community pool of doodles that people can submit their doodle + a fee to exchange for another random doodle from the pool


  • It allows people to swap their doodle without having to list it on the market and for less fees
  • Fees directly benefits doodlebank
  • If the pool has an attractive doodle, it may encourage people to try to “trade up”


  • Hard requirements (2 options):
    • if staking from doodle owners is used, a separate legal entity may be needed to allow stakers to earn yield to incentivize them.
    • we seed the pool with funds from doodlebank to compensate doodle owners or to buy doodles off market

A pool currently exists: Vault Info - NFTX App

yea, this would directly benefit doodles

How much revenue do you think this will achieve? How does this offset revenues for staking?

How will this impact the floor value of doodles? I can see that this pool may become the pool of unloved doodles, restricting the supply.

Limiting supply may:

  • raise the floor of the project
  • limit the number of potential owners

More owners = more stable prices

Hi grip,

Thank you for sharing this idea.
Would it be the same concept as this topic? → Add liquidity to a wrapped Doodle vault to provide immediate access to liquidity for sellers

Maybe it make sense to combine?

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