Doodle Guidebook (to bring new people into NFTs!)

What’s unique about doodles is just how approachable they are. It’s the first collection I’ve seen in a long time that appeals to everyone from complete NFT newbies to long time NFT veterans.

That said - the “NFT space” is still very difficult for most people to get involved with. Folks don’t have the confidence to get set up yet. If Doodles could create the de-facto content for getting people into the space I think it would lend very well for our image (think manuals on how to get your metamask set up - how to stay safe - the most common scams… etc.)

Think this can be a good community effort where we collect the knowledge of our community and then put it together in a nice manual/content. Hopefully, we can be a proactive vector for bringing new faces into the community (who knows… maybe coinbase will need a brand partner to get people up to speed…)

As far as a formal proposal goes - don’t think we’d need more than 1 or 2 eth to get started (honestly we can probably make an MVP for free!!) The bigger task here will be outlining the documents and getting good content/insights from our community (which I’m happy to help organize). The 1 or 2 eth might be to make the document look nice and fit the doodles aesthetic and to help ship it out (my art skills, unfortunately, are not the greatest!!!)


I like this idea a lot and it could derive a lot of value for NFTs in general and the Doodles specifically. I am helping my brother onboard into the NFT/Web3 world right now. There are a ton of resources out there but it’s hard to know who to trust and there are still so many pain points and uncertainties if you haven’t done it before. Establishing doodles as a trusted source on NFTs could be super helpful and valuable!

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I think it’s a good starting point however, a few questions:

  • How will this content be distributed to those who need this information to achieve the desired impact of becoming the de-facto content for newcomers?
  • There are many helpful tutorials out there which assist in setting up for the NFT space in a clear & concise manner. Most of these I presume will be through video tutorials on Youtube; is there a reason the manual/content should be a document as opposed to a short video? Is it possible to consider merging this proposal into one of the other ones which suggest creating a Youtube channel?
  • The platform vector is a good one however I doubt it’d be something that would be something that aligns with what Coinbase would like (from a business perspective, I believe they’d want to keep their customer’s money on their platform, not transfer it out into their personal metamask wallets). Consequently, I would suggest firstly getting the project onto the Coinbase NFT platform and then creating a proposal to become the de-facto video tutorial on how to navigate the Coinbase NFT platform as opposed to the entire NFT space.

Yup - thanks for this response. Web3 is eventually going to be much easier to use - but we have to be the ones helping people transition (however the transition changes)

Love this response - very thoughtful. I agree on the content aspect (there is truly a lot out there) - but i think the content is very much so geared for people who either know what crypto/defi is generally (and not as approachable - my comparision is think of the “for dummies” type guides - the approachability will be the differentiation. And yes this may be better merged with other ideas (youbtube channel) - but I just have it seperated right now because guidebook is an easier prototype to make (a smaller MVP). On the coinbase topic - more so an example- because yeah i agree no doubt coinbase actual biz model will be way different from what the nft space is currently (and things will continuously change - we are in the windows 95 age of web 3) but more so if we can establish some experience in helping newcomers - we can transition to whatever is needed then (my idea is with this guidebook we are building experience on a resume here)

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I like this idea a lot. I think the community could come together and do this for free. I personally do not think we should spend anything from the treasury on this simply because this is something that does not directly generate revenue or attract big money buyers.

I think we appeal to newcomers in NFTs — typical people who will start trading NFTs from Coinbase.

We need to target them and an extremely smart and lean way from a resource perspective.

What I realised with your proposal is that we need a V2.0 of the website — invest in the website — explain NFTs there, explain who we are, etc. Target newcomers. This could merge with your proposal.

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Love the idea.

I have my own twist on the Doodle Guidebook.

What if we become the defacto place for artists to learn how to get into the NFT world.

The Creatorverse is new and terrifying. If we could be generous and provide education to protect and nurture the hundreds of thousands of artists looking to enter the NFT world, we would expand the market and our proponents at the same time.

Artists are very interested and intimidated by the NFT world. We can help here. There’s a lot of good will to be earned and a greater community to be built.

I think v2 of the website might be a proposal if its own, and I think that would be a great step for the community. People often rely on discord too heavily for information in my opinion, as there are several limitations. Helpful information gets buried, people aren’t great at navigating the channels (even though it’s honestly not difficult) and there’s security concerns with all the bad actors in this space. Seems like v2 of the website could serve as the single destination for all things doodles: explanation of the doodle bank, voting, onboarding new users, and most of all, showcasing the art and animation. Eventually the page could be built out for new interactive content. Just my 2 cents though.