Doodle Metaverse Advertsing Campaign

I’m pretty doxed, but for those who don’t know, I’m the global head of partnerships at If Doodle were to buy a relatively small Ad campaign across in-play media it would be a first of its kind, and the narrative of “NFT community Advertising in the Metaverse”

5 or less Eth

Creative would just be rotating (animation) of Doodles with call to action of Find out more at

The earned Media off of this from would be huge:

Resulting in Tech industry press about Adweek.

This (traditional ads) feels a little off-brand for Doodles. Both Evan and I are ex-marketers and we are very familiar with tough display metrics.

I think our funnel needs to be better in order for that to be a success.

CK had something like a sub 1% conversion rate during the bubble due to all the friction that came with the create a wallet → buy eth → buy cat funnel.

With that being said, if the goal is branding, maybe certain placements make sense with the narrative you laid forth.

I’ll let @tulip chime in here.


To give you examples… 100 in-play, like Virtual out of home, or Digital out of world. I think the cache of the press from being the first NFT to do something like this would be much bigger then direct sales or flips or anything.

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@tulip Wanted to check in and see if you had looked through the slides?

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I like where this is going, and a strategically placed add could help boost the exposure of this project. I think the toughest part is finding the right demographic/market/platform to go after in order to be sure this effor has maximum effect.

Thanks Mr B, We are going to be doing an NFT launch of billboards that can be added to parcels with Somnium space in the next 3 weeks and would love to have Doodles on board with this. Happy to get you some time with my CEO, but I again I think we could do a small capaign (3 eth) and get a ton of PR exposure for free because we had done it.

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NFTs are essentially luxury goods at this point. Purchasing media placements at scale may change our positioning to becoming more mass market.

I don’t think that’s what we want to do. I think we want to stay luxury, premium, yet have mass awareness.

Think Louis Vuitton or Comme Des Garcons versus GAP or Coca-Cola.

Where we want to play should be defined by who we are and want to be.

I’ve gotten permission to offer this campaign for free, but understand if this doesn’t align with the doodles brand.