Doodle Metaverse - Sandbox/Decentraland

Hi Doodlers,

This is my first proposal so don’t be too harsh…

I’d like to propose efforts to invest in the purchase of land on Sandbox or Decentraland. As more and more emphasis is coming to the metaverse, establishing ourselves in the metaverse will give us more awareness and project awareness to the greater audience. This brings some reality to Doodle Land!!!

The goal of establishing a presence in the Metaverse is inline with the core objective of the project which is to: “We want Doodles to bring the joy of NFTs to millions of households worldwide .” This ultimately opens up more creative avenues for the doodle project (different kinds of airdrops, hangout place for doodlers, possible future derivatives… )


  • Land (3x3 or even larger plot)

  • Full body avatars (VX Models maybe?)

  • Animators and artists to build out the artwork for “Doodle Land”

General Roadmap:
1. Purchase of Land

  • Form a budget and decide on a location on the Sandbox or decentral and to begin building out this Doodle Space…

2. Begin Exploration in full body avatars

  • This could be something along the lines of the doodle trailer.

  • VX Models could be an option as well?

3. Begin building out our space

  • Artwork needs to be generated for landscaping and even architectural items… Lots of possibilities here

Timeline: TBD

Budget: TBD

I am still new to this space but am willing to work with others to come up with some good ideas and get a better idea of what larger effort a proposal like this might entail.


This may be similar to your proposal

This idea is indeed possible and can promote doodles

I think that proposal is coming from a different perspective but it is similar. Wouldn’t mind working on something like this together cause they are pretty similar to flush it out.